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Geography Undergraduate Modules

These are the undergraduate modules running in Geography in 2022 - 23. Please note all course content is provisional and is subject to change. All UCL Geography modules have dedicated Moodle pages and access to these pages is granted automatically based on Portico course selections.

$ Not available to Geography Study Abroad (Affiliate) Students
# Not available to External Students ie students, including Study Abroad students, registered in other UCL Departments.


First Year Course Units

Term 1Term 2
GEOG0005 Understanding Our Planet  $# GEOG0008 Environmental Change
GEOG0007 Human Ecology GEOG0012 Thinking Geographically II $#
GEOG0013 Geography in the Field 1 $# GEOG0014 Geography in the Field 2 $#
GEOG0015 Global Events GEOG0150 Space and Society
GEOG0151 Thinking Geographically I $#

Second Year Course Units

Term 1Term 2
GEOG0017 Physical Geography Field Research $ # GEOG0016 Practice Of Geography $#
GEOG0018 Methods In Human Geography $# GEOG0021 Reconstructing Past Environments
GEOG0019 Geomorphology GEOG0022 Environment and Society
GEOG0020 Ecological Patterns And Processes GEOG0027 Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOG0023 Economic Geography GEOG0028 Urban Geography
GEOG0024 Development Geography GEOG0029 Cultural And Historical Geography
GEOG0025 Political Geography And Geopolitics GEOG0030 Geocomputation

GEOG0026 Surface and Groundwater Hydrology


GEOG0032 Human Geography Field Class


Third Year Course Units

Term 1Term 2
GEOG0037 Undergraduate Dissertation $#
GEOG0036 Water And Development In Africa GEOG0038 Managing Fresh Waters in the 21st Century
GEOG0040 Principles and Practice of Remote Sensing GEOG0039 Migration And Transnationlism
GEOG0042 Independent Study $# GEOG0047 Economic Geography II

GEOG0045 Overseas Fieldclass: European City $#

GEOG0050 Overseas Fieldclass: Greece #
GEOG0052 Palaeoclimatology GEOG0051 Mining Social And Geographic Datasets
GEOG0059 Geography, Culture and Materiality GEOG0054 Postcolonial Geographies of African Development
GEOG0062 Urban Political Ecology GEOG0056 Geopolitical Events
GEOG0065 Geographies of Infrastructure GEOG0063 Overseas Fieldclass: Gibraltar $#
GEOG0164 Digital Geographies GEOG0064 Global Urbanism
GEOG0165 Governing Human Uses of Protected Areas GEOG0149 Urban Policy

GEOG0162 Cartography and Data Visualisation

GEOG0170 Environmental Consequences of Human Activity

CPAS0679 Geography Education