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Helene Schulze

BA International Geography

Helene.pngHelene Schulze studied for a BA International Geography degree. Helene says a highlight of the Programme was being able to spend a period of time at an institution abroad to compare geographical work carried out here in the UK and in the US.

“The BA International is a four-year sandwich Programme, which is just like the three-year geography Programme but with a year of study abroad at a different university.

“Being able to compare geographical traditions between UC Berkeley and UCL in my year abroad was incredible; I returned to my final year at UCL with fresh eyes and new enthusiasm. I also used that year to conduct in-depth empirical research for my dissertation which is a really big part of the Geography Programme. It’s the first time you can really produce something based solely on your interests which is challenging but also refreshing and exciting.

“When I graduate I hope to work in sustainable agriculture and food systems research, perhaps a PhD. Geography is such an interdisciplinary and wide-ranging subject, I feel comfortable with processing and producing materials from sociology, philosophy, psychology to natural sciences and statistics. I imagine that will be useful in whichever career I choose in the end.”