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Bishal Bhardwaj

MSc Climate Change

bishal photo.pngBishal Bhardwaj studied for a MSc Climate Change degree. Now employed as a civil servant for the Government of Nepal, Bishal says his Masters provided him with the skills and knowledge to work on climate changes policies at a global scale.

“I chose UCL because of its global reputation, specialised Programme and expert academics. Climate change itself is a complex and dynamic concept. The Programme attempts to shape it using concept of past climate, science behind climate change and how it is caused, and what the potential consequences of it may be.

“In the second term students are given the option to specialise. I am trying to find out how climate change and socio-economics are interlinked in developing countries and how these can be effectively designed as a solution to climate change problems.

“A highlight of the Programme was taking part in a simulated COP21 negotiation. It was fascinating and valuable to learn how climate change policy is made and agreed at a global scale and what the considerations are for a nation to move toward it.

“I developed lots of skills during my Masters, including writing, communication, operating models, use of Linux and complex computing methods. The Department can help shape and support your interest in your chosen specialism and for that reason I would recommend it to prospective students.”