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Eurolimpacs was an EU funded Framework 6 project concerned with the effects of climate change on freshwater systems (rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands). In particular the project sought to understand the effects on these ecosystems of the interactions between changing climate and other potentially damaging processes caused by changes in the physical characteristics of rivers, nutrient pollution, acidification and the deposition of toxic metals and organic pollutants. This included using dated sediment cores to assess reference conditions for lake systems and the remobilisation of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants from polluted soils. The facility provided sediment core chronologies for these studies.

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Rose, N.L., Yang, H., Turner, S.D., Simpson, G.L. (2011) An assessment of the mechanisms for the transfer of lead and mercury from atmospherically contaminated organic soils to lake sediments with particular reference to Scotland, UK. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (in press).

Thies, H., Tolotti, M., Nickus, U., Lami, A., Musazzi, S., Guilizzoni, P., Rose, N.L., Yang, H. (2011) Interactions of temperature and nutrient changes: effects on phytoplankton in the Piburger See (Tyrol, Austria). Freshwater Biology (in press)