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Safety Induction for Staff and Graduate students

Safety induction is mandatory for all new staff, and students embarking on a Ph.D./M.Phil. Please read the requirements listed here.

There are four parts to the induction training

  1. Local Safety Induction - This is carried out within the department by the line manager or supervisor. At the beginning of each academic year, the DSO will deliver this training for all new Ph.D./M.Phil. students in a timetabled slot during induction week. If a student cannot attend this session, the training should be completed by their supervisor as soon as possible after their starting date.
  2. Online induction training - This takes the form of a Moodle module (UCL Safety Induction) and is a more general induction. Once completed, a certificate of completion can be downloaded. This should be sent to the DSO as evidence that the induction training has been carried out.
  3. Fire evacuation training - This is carried out within the building that the worker is based and involves a walk around the building, identifying fire exits, fire doors and local rules for alerting the fire brigade if a fire is discovered. This training must be refreshed annually and a new form (TN086) submitted to the DSO to be kept on file.
  4. Basic Fire Safety - Again this takes the form of an online Moodle module and must be completed EVERY THREE YEARS by all staff and graduate (research) students. The downloadable certificate obtained at the end should be sent to the DSO as evidence of completion.

Graduate students should note that permission to work outside of normal working hours will not be granted until all parts of the induction are completed.


Further details on induction are available through Moodle - Please note that "Legacy Moodle" may not contain the latest information. Please follow guidance given on "New Moodle". Module name - "Geography Staff Induction" ; enrolment key - "induction".

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