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Risk Assessment and Project Funding

From "Arrangements to cover hazards and activities"

"The safety implications of any research project must be assessed before a funding application is submitted. The cost of all the required safety measures implicit in the research proposal MUST be included in the grant application eg, life jackets, safety goggles, travel and subsistence money for at least two people to go on field work, thus avoiding dangerous lone working, etc. "

The above paragraph is taken from the Departmental Safety Policy. In order to comply with these guidelines, it is essential that risks involved in research work are assessed before funding is applied for. It is obvious that, in the early stages of planning, this cannot be carried out in any great detail, it is enough to identify control measures which have cost implications and to take these into consideration when applying for funding; you must have enough information on the project to know whether any specialist training or equipment is required.

This first risk assessment is for the purpose of identifying the resource implications of carrying out the work proposed according to the safe working practices adopted by the department and in line with current legislation. A further full and detailed risk assessment must be carried out prior to commencing work. If there are resource implications, the source of these must be identified and an estimate prepared of the likely costs to be claimed from each. The department cannot undertake to make any contribution to such costs unless the expenditure is approved at the time of submitting the research proposal

In order to carry out this assessment, a template is provided in the forms and files section that can be down-loaded and typed into.