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Fieldwork Risk Assessment - Forms and Files

Staff/Research Fieldwork Risk Assessment Template
Use this form in conjunction with the information on the "hazard tables" to produce a risk assessment for field work.
Dissertation Fieldwork Risk assessment template
This file should be used by Undergraduate and Masters Students. It should be used in conjunction with the "hazards tables" found under risk assessment preparation.
Geography Generic Risk Assessment
This form addresses the hazards, risks and control measures associated with most human geography research, and can be used in place of project specific risk assessments, subject to some exclusions. If you think these additional risks are applicable to your project, you should complete a full project risk assessment in addition to using this generic form. This form can be used in the initial stages of Ph.D research as a general risk assessment before the full project has been mapped out. This is not suitable for physical geography field work.
Identifying Cost Implications of Safety Management
This form is to be used as a preliminary assessment of the cost implications of the safety management of a project and to identify the source of funding
Dissertation risk assessment for computer based projects
This risk assessment should be used where the project involves ONLY the use of computer equipment.