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Using Equipment

RisksAssociated Control Measures
Risks of personal injury, damage to equipment
  • Read Risk Assessments associated with each piece of equipment
  • Read the instruction manual - follow the instructions!
  • Read manufacturers safety information
  • Do not try to bypass or tamper with any safety device.
  • Seek instruction from trained personnel.
  • Do not use damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Ensure the equipment is suitable for the work - try not to improvise!
  • Do not use electrical equipment in wet/damp conditions or if you have wet hands.


Equipment Failure

RisksAssociated Control Measures
Risk of personal injury/ injury to others
  • Do not use equipment found to be damaged or faulty.
  • Do not attempt to repair equipment if you are untrained.
  • Report any faults as soon as possible.
  • Label faulty equipment clearly so that no one else tries to use it. Try to write down the "symptoms" of the failure and any action taken.


Checking Equipment

RisksAssociated Control Measures
Risks of personal injury/injury to others
  • Always check equipment before use - do not assume it has already been checked.
  • Check external appearance for signs of wear - electrical cables, ropes, cracks in casing etc.
  • Ensure that any built in safety devices are operating correctly.
  • Check for sharp edges.
  • Do not use equipment that is damaged or found to be faulty.
  • Report any faults found to the relevant people.