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The laboratory is in the basement of the North-West Wing. For enquiries please contact the Laboratory Supervisor (via email -, Telephone +44 (0) 20 7679 0551, Fax +44 (0) 20 7679 0565. Before commencing work in the laboratory you should read the "lab manual" pages. Lab users are also expected to have completed the UCL Moodle course on lab safety (Principles of Laboratory Safety) Methods currently used in the laboratory and their associated risk assessments can be found below. Please ensure that you have read both the method and the risk assessment before coming to the lab to start work. Due to the demand for lab space there is a booking system in operation. Existing bookings can be viewed on the lab bookings calendar available through outlook. Before booking time in the lab, it is important to discuss your requirements with either Bonnie Atkinson or the lab supervisor. To make a booking or for any other enquiry, you can email the lab team at
Contact Details
Field Equipment requests must be submitted on the forms found in this section.
Laboratory Methods
Please ensure that you have read and signed the appropriate risk assessment for any method that you wish to carry out in the laboratory
Light Microscopy
Visible light is focused through a specimen by a condenser lens and then it is passed through two more lenses placed at either end of a light-tight tube. The latter two lenses each magnify the image. Limitations to what can be seen in bright field microscopy are not so much related to magnification as they are to resolution, illumination, and contrast. Resolution can be improved using oil immersion lenses, and lighting and contrast can be dramatically improved using modifications such as dark field and phase contrast.
Lab Manual
The lab manual pages must be read by all lab users before commencing work. The pages contain important Safety information as well as information on which areas of the lab are suitable for specific types of work.
Sedigraph particle size analyser
Risk Assessments
This folder contains the risk assessments for current laboratory methods. Copies of these risk assessments are posted on the lab notice board and these must be signed before commencing work in the labs. Please note that the guide to the COSHH assessments contained within these files can be found in the file "Key to COSHH"
Waste disposal
Laboratory waste must be disposed of in accordance with the health and safety guidelines. Some of the waste can be sent for recycling. Please read this section before starting work in the labs.
Cold Stores and Freezers
If you intend to store or remove anything in/from the cold rooms or freezers, please contact the lab team (geog.lab at Ensure ALL MATERIAL IS CLEARLY LABELLED before storage.
Lab consumables request form
Please download form and enter details of all consumables used. A current project code will be needed to cover the costs of your work.