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Risk Assessments

This folder contains the risk assessments for current laboratory methods. Copies of these risk assessments are posted on the lab notice board and these must be signed before commencing work in the labs. Please note that the guide to the COSHH assessments contained within these files can be found in the file "Key to COSHH"
Carbonate removal RA.pdf
Removal of carbonates from sediment using 10% HCL
cladocera prep RA.pdf
Preparation of samples for examination of Cladocera
Core extrusion RA.pdf
Extrusion of sediment cores
diatom analysis RA.pdf
Preparation of sediment samples for diatom analysis
Diatom Slide Preparation RA.pdf
Slide preparation using Naphrax
freeze drier RA.pdf
Use of the Freeze dryer
Inorganic ash RA.pdf
Preparation of sediment samples for the examination of inorganic ash spheres
key to coshh.pdf
Description of alphanumeric key to COSHH requirements
Loss on Ignition RA.pdf
Ignition of samples at 550 degrees C
microspheres RA.pdf
Addition of microspheres to diatom suspensions for quantitative analysis
Particle size RA.pdf
Particle size analysis using the pipette method. This risk assessment should also be signed by those preparing samples for sedigraph analysis
Percentage Carbonate Content RA.pdf
Ignition of samples at 950 degrees C to determine carbonate content. Risk assessments for Loss on Drying and loss on ignition should also be read and signed
Percentage Dry Weight RA.pdf
Percentage weight loss of sample when dried at 105 degrees C
Pollen RA.pdf
Preparation of sediment samples for examination of Pollen
SCPs RA.pdf
Preaparation of samples for examination of carbonaceous particles
Slide preparation RA.pdf
Preparation of SCP slides using naphrax