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Working in the cold room

The cold room work area like all the other lab space needs to be booked prior to use. All workers must read and sign the associated risk assessment before commencing work.

As this is essentially a big fridge, it is vital that the door is only kept open for short periods of time, therefore anyone wishing to carry out prolonged work must do so with the door closed. This, of course, leads to the necessity for strict safety precautions being taken when under taking work in the cold room.

  • Workers must wear appropriate clothing - ensure that you have warm clothing that will fit under a lab coat where appropriate.
  • No lone working - work inside the cold room must be carried out in pairs with a third person, who is aware of the work, outside of the cold room. The third person must be working in the basement area.
  • Timers/alarms - Two timers must be set when work commences, one to be kept inside the cold room and one to be kept by the third person. The timers will indicate the maximum time that the workers can stay in the room and when the alarm sounds the workers must take a minimum of 30 minutes break. The person outside of the cold room must ensure that the workers are out.