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Supervision is necessary under the following circumstances:


  • All undergraduate work must be supervised by a qualified member of staff.
  • Any work of a hazardous nature e.g. use of acids/reagents, use of the furnace, if carried out by an inexperienced worker should be directly supervised. Experienced graduate students and staff may only carry out work of this nature during normal working hours, when there is at least one other person in the lab (within calling distance).

All work in the lab must have a “risk assessment” associated with it, which will give the worker an indication of whether the work can be carried out unsupervised.


After 1700
Any work as deemed necessary by staff, must be directly supervised at all times.
No lab work
Any work as deemed necessary by supervisor, providing the supervisor has completed a risk assessment form. Inexperienced workers must be directly supervised.
No chemical work of any kind to be carried out. Sieving, weighing, labelling and sub-sampling may be carried out in approved areas, providing another worker is present .
Any work as deemed necessary, providing a risk assessment form has been completed and the worker is experienced in the techniques to be employed. Work can be carried out unsupervised.
as above
Academic Staff
as above
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