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Storage provision in the laboratories

Samples and personal items should only be stored in allocated spaces. Any item left in the laboratory without permission, whether labelled or not, will be removed. Unlabelled items will be disposed of.


In the vicinity of areas such as around sinks, adjacent to fume cupboards, around balances it is essential no materials are left to pile up. These areas are for samples being worked on, i.e. those being weighed, space for slides, vials etc during slide making. Nothing should be left in these clearly-visible ‘clearaway’ zones.

15.1 Allocation of storage space

15.1.1 Short-term sample storage

  • Cupboards and crates are provided in room B09 for storage of samples that are being worked on. Samples should not be left out overnight, but should be placed in a labelled crate in the cupboard.
  • Crates should be labelled with the following information:
    • Name of lab user
    • Date left
    • Expected date of removal
    • Sample identification
    • Analysis to be carried out
  • In the case of PhD/ research worker the following additional information should be added:
    • Name of Supervisor/ PI
    • Contact phone number for Supervisor/ PI
  • In the case of Masters/ undergraduate dissertation students the following additional information should be added:
    • Name of Supervisor
    • Student’s E-mail address/ telephone number
    • Name of Course (e.g. FACS, CONS etc..)
    • Date of end of project
  • Any samples left for longer than stated will be disposed of. This area is not meant for long-term storage of samples and if the worker does not have lab time booked to work on them, the samples must be removed and alternative storage found.

15.1.2 Longer-term storage

  • Staff and PhD students using the research microscope room may request lockable cupboard space. These cupboards will be allocated by the lab team. Whilst the content of these cupboards is the responsibility of the user, it should be noted that chemicals or foodstuff may not be stored here – especially not together.
  • Masters and undergraduate students carrying out dissertation work in the labs may request the use of a locker in room B05 (the large microscope room). You will be asked to pay a small, refundable deposit for a key. Please ensure the keys are returned after use. These lockers are not meant for long-term use and the user will be asked to empty the locker once their lab work is finished.

15.1.3 Long Term Storage of Samples

  • Cold Storage – see cold rooms (B07 & B14). Frozen samples can be stored in the lab freezers. They must be fully labelled as above. Freezers in room B09 are primarily for use with the freeze drier and whilst samples may be stored here they may be moved from here to accommodate people using the freeze drier.
  • Dry Sample Storage – for details of archive storage see Ian Patmore.