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Paying for lab work – Use of chargeable equipment and Consumables forms

  • Before starting work in the laboratory, the lab user must ensure that sufficient funds are available to cover the costs of any consumable items or equipment used. Usually there will be a project-specific grant code.
  • When booking equipment, the user should be aware of the daily/sample charge and allocate sufficient funds from grants to cover estimated use.
  • Students on the DTP programme must have their expenditure approved before starting work. No consumable items can be provided until they are authorised by the DTP administrator.
  • The user will be expected to provide details of their project code when booking the lab.
  • While carrying out the work the user should make a note of every item used – forms are available for this.
  • The completed form should be returned to the lab supervisor when the work has been completed.
  • If a form is not submitted within a week of completion of the work, the grant code will be charged at the maximum rate for the work being carried out.

Special items

If an item is requested that is not usually kept in stock and therefore has to ordered specifically, the user will be asked for a grant code to charge the order against.

This will usually be charged at the time of the order, not on completion of the work and these items do not have to be listed on the consumable request form.