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Overnight or Unattended Experiments

If for any reason an experiment or piece of equipment is to be left running overnight or if the worker has to leave the experiment or samples unattended during the day, it must be checked for safety by the Lab Supervisor, her deputy or (in the case of students) the project supervisor, prior to being left. A clear note of any recommended emergency procedures must be left with the experiment (details of how to safely turn the experiment off) and, if any chemicals are involved, details of what they are.

All samples, reagents and reaction vessels should be labelled with the owner's name, the date left, the finish date and full details of what they are. A daily check will be made and anything unlabelled in the lab will be disposed of.

Please consider the safety of other lab users – you may know that the clear liquid in that beaker is dilute acid, but unless you label it, no one else does.