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Manufacture and repair of equipment

In general, repairs and manufacture of equipment will, where practical, be carried out by members of the technical staff. If you require this service please consult the lab supervisor in the first instance.

23.1 Use of tools - drills, saws, abrasive wheels etc

When using power tools always follow the manufacturers safety guidelines. Do not for any reason remove blade guards or other safety devices. Always wear the appropriate protective clothing - safety goggles, armoured gloves etc. - and make sure that there are no loose items of clothing that can catch in anything. Long hair MUST be tied back. If you have never used these tools do not attempt to do so without proper instruction.

23.2 Soldering

Any soldering must be carried out in a well-ventilated area. Gloves and safety glasses must be worn. Always wash your hands after using solder.

Asthmatics and pregnant workers must not use solder.