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The laboratory manual is designed to be a practical guide for laboratory users. It is not meant to replace the Departmental Safety Policy, but is intended to be read in conjunction with it. Some of the items covered by the Safety Policy (see Arrangements to cover activity/hazard) will be explained in more detail here and it is important that these are read and understood before any laboratory work is carried out.

General Laboratory Rules

  1. No eating or drinking in the laboratory.
  2. Lab coats must be worn at all times.
  3. Safety glasses must be worn when deemed necessary by the risk assessment.
  4. Gloves must be worn when handling chemicals/samples/hazardous substances.
  5. Organic solvents must not be poured down the sinks.
  6. Acids must not be poured down the sinks without being properly neutralised.
  7. All spillages must be cleared up immediately
  8. No work is to be carried out in the lab unless there is another worker within earshot.
  9. Undergraduate students may not work unsupervised in the lab.
  10. You are responsible for your work space – keep it tidy, leave it clean.
  11. Label EVERYTHING.

All lab users should know:-

  1. How to sound the fire alarm
  2. The location of the fire exits
  3. The location of the first aid box
  4. Who to contact in case of emergency and how