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Glassware and general laboratory equipment

Each laboratory has its own set of glassware /equipment. These are colour coded and must not be removed from their designated area except for cleaning (i.e. removal to B13 for washing up). It is essential that glassware does not migrate from lab to lab, as its washing and treatment will be different for each area.

If you find that there is not enough glassware in the area you are in, please check the washing up room (B13) first and then report this to the technical staff. Every effort will be made to return glassware to its appropriate room as quickly as possible after cleaning, but if, for example, the glassware is being acid washed, this process may be delayed.

Glassware is commonly broken in laboratories. It is essential that broken glassware is removed (with great care) from work areas. Report the breakage to the lab supervisor and place broken glass fragments in sharps bin.