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Cryogenic substances/oxygen depletion

The only cryogenic substance that we use in the basement is Liquid Nitrogen. This is used in conjunction with the gamma spectrometers and is supplied from  large pressurised vessels.

When handling liquid Nitrogen or re-filling the dewar associated with the spectrometers, it is essential that the appropriate gloves are worn. Safety glasses and lab coats must also be worn. In the event of a Liquid Nitrogen leak, there is a risk of the room becoming depleted of oxygen. There is a monitor in the room that will sound an alarm if this is the case. If this alarm is heard, contact Dr Handong Yang or Dr Neil Rose (x30543). The monitor is serviced annually and the battery pack is replaced.

Should Liquid Nitrogen come into contact with anyone’s skin, treat as a chemical burn and hold under running water for a minimum of twenty minutes. If the burn is any more than small /minor seek medical attention immediately.

Do not re-fill the dewar unless you have received training and have read the risk assessment. If the dewar needs refilling, please consult the list of people authorised to do this and seek their assistance.