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After Hours Working

Normal working hours are defined by the College as between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. During this time, there is a team of support staff both within the Department and in various other support roles throughout the College who are available should an emergency arise. As this support is not available out of normal working hours, it is necessary to limit the type of work carried out in the laboratory to that of a non-hazardous nature. Consequently no work involving chemicals of any kind may be carried out after 5.00pm.

After hours working in the laboratory is confined to the Research Microscope room and the wet lab B04.

Postgraduate Students wishing to work after 5.00pm must have written permission from their supervisor (a signed “laboratory late working form”) and must sign the late working book. There must also be a second person working within earshot – thus two people must sign the late working book if room B04 is to remain open out of normal working hours.

The names of anyone with the relevant permission to work after hours will be posted on the lab door, along with details of the work they intend to carry out.

Undergraduates may not work in any of the laboratories after 5.00pm. Masters students may work in the teaching microscope room (B05) until 7.00pm provided there is a member of staff present and they have the relevant permission.

Certain categories of lab workers may only work with supervision. Please see section on supervision for details.