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are for material that needs to be temporarily stored in a frozen state (~-19oC) until required. They are not for long term storage.

General Policy on Use of the Freezers.pdf — PDF document, 173 kB (177290 bytes)

General Policy on Use of the Freezers

  • Freezers can be found in Rooms: B09, B20 and B04.
  • Freezers in B09 are primarily for the freezing of samples that are to be freeze dried. Samples that are NOT for freeze drying should not be placed in these freezers without permission from lab staff.
  • Freezer in B20 is primarily for samples that are awaiting water chemistry analysis. No other samples should be placed in this freezer.
  • Samples only to be placed in freezers with permission from lab staff.
  • Materials must be clearly labelled with:

name of worker (and supervisor if it is a student project),

    research project,

      core code,

        site code,

          date of collection,