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B14 (Cold room 2): Current Project storage (temporary allocation and storage only)

This is the Current Project cold room containing samples that are being, or are to be worked with in the forthcoming months.

General Policy on Use of the Cold Room B14.pdf — PDF document, 176 kB (180246 bytes)

General Policy on Use of the Cold Room B14


  • Materials must be clearly labelled with:

name of worker (and supervisor if it is a student project),
research project,
core code,
site code,
date of collection,

  • Materials placed in this store are for short term storage only; such as samples that are being worked with or are to be worked in the very near future. Or samples that are to be sent out of UCL upon completion.
  • Upon completion of the project the worker/supervisor must inform the lab staff responsible for the stores upkeep on samples removed or finished with, this will ensure that all sample details are updated, and that crates are freed up to allow storage for other users.
  • The log sheet must remain on the cold room doors at all times. It provides all users with the location and details of samples held in crates. As B14 will be accessible by all workers it is essential that samples can be found by others, not just the person who placed them in the store.
  • No samples are to be placed in this cold store without the permission of the lab staff responsible.
  • No long term storage of material is allowed in this room unless previously agreed with the lab staff.
  • No Flammable materials to be stored in this cold room.
  • It is advisable to request crates well in advance of project start dates as these crates can be filled quite quickly if there is a high number of projects running.
  • Access should not be necessary out of normal working hours and is by key only.