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B07 (Cold Room 1): General-purpose cold room for longer term storage.

B07 is the general-purpose cold room. Samples that have just been collected or samples for longer term storage should be stored in here. It is primarily for the storage of materials requiring cold temperatures to prevent degradation during sample processing.

General Policy on Use of the Cold Room B07.pdf — PDF document, 231 kB (237306 bytes)

General Policy on Use of the Cold Room B07


  • Materials must be clearly labelled with:

name of worker (and supervisor if it is a student project),
research project,
core code,
site code,
date of collection,

  • Clearly labelled materials must be placed within the shelved, numbered crates. Large monoliths and intact cores waiting for processing will have a designated and secure floor space area.
  • All materials held in the archive must have valid reason for requiring long term storage; all samples must be compact, clearly labelled and recorded on the Cold store database.
  • Storing small samples in large, half-empty containers must be avoided.
  • Upon placing in a crate/s the worker must record the location and detail of samples and inform the lab staff who will record all details in the cold-store list spreadsheet and place a current copy on the cold room door.
  • The log sheet must remain on the cold room doors at all times. It provides all users with the location and details of samples held in crates. As B07 will be accessible by all workers it is essential that samples can be found by others, not just the person who placed them in the store.
  • All samples removed from individual crates or from B07 for processing must be returned to their original crate. If placed in another crate, the details must be recorded as before.
  • Information in the cold room spreadsheet log will be updated monthly. A copy of this is downloadable from the UCL Geography Lab web pages under the Cold Stores and Freezers page.
  • A timescale must be set of how long materials are to be kept in the cold archive – e.g. 5 to 10 years – At the end of this time the samples will be dried and re-archived.
  • No Flammable materials to be stored in the cold rooms.
  • Users failing to comply with this policy will be called back to find missing samples/clear any stray samples and will be denied further lab bookings until problems are resolved.