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Linux Systems

Linux Versions

The generally installed Linux system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7. There are some RHEL 6 systems installed, but these will gradually be upgraded to match the rest of the Department.

Individuals may have other Linux distributions installed on their own machines (typically Ubuntu), and while these cannot be as readily supported, assistance in getting these configured to use our network is offered, and other help is available as required. Nevertheless, users of such systems are assumed to be generally self-supporting and highly computer literate.

Teaching Cluster Workstations

There are 24 workstations for student and staff use in North-West Wing 110a. These have 32GB memory, a four core Xeon processor and an NVdidia graphics card for CUDA programming. More detailed information is available on the Teaching Cluster page.

Shared Workstations

There are a small number of high end workstations for shared use. These generally have larger amounts of memory available, decent processors, and an NVidia Quadro graphics card for CUDA programming.

Compute Nodes

There is a small cluster of compute nodes available for research use. Job submission is generally manual, with users preferring to manage this informally. Memory ranges from 64-128GB per system, equating to 3-5GB per slot.More detailed information is available on the Compute Nodes page.


Each user has a home directory under a quota (which can be increased on request). There is substantial ancillary storage available out of quota for project work, data and ephemeral files.