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Working Papers


These papers may be downloaded for personal research purposes. However any additional reproduction for other purposes, in hard copy or electronically, requires the consent of the author(s). If cited or quoted, reference should be made to the full name of the author(s), the title, the working paper series, the year and the UCL Migration Research Unit as publisher.

These papers were originally submitted as a dissertation in completion of the requirements for the degree Masters in Global Migration. The views expressed in these papers are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of UCL’s Migration Research Unit.

© 2012-18


PaperTitle, Author
No. 2020/1

Returning to Romania: How Does Integration and Transnationalism Affect Intentions of Return Migration?

Rose Hammond

No. 2020/2

Redefining best interests: Understanding the needs of unaccompanied teenage migrants through the lens of non-governmental shelters in Northeastern Mexico

Ricardo Muniz Trejo

No. 2020/3

Performing Strategic and Emotional Citizenship
Transnational Political Participation by UK-US Dual Citizens

David Beadle

No. 2020/4

Disease, Discrimination and Diasporicity
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Diasporic Engagement of the Italo-Chinese Second-Generation.

Katie Graves

No. 2020/5

Beyond the invisible, silent models of ‘success’: An exploration of ‘British-Chinese self-representations on podcasts and Instagram

Anabel Lee

No. 2020/6

Locating myth, membership, and illegality in the media construction of Windrush – a discursive analysis

Emma Ring

No. 2020/7

Migration, Development, and Diaspora Governance
A comparative analysis of the diaspora engagement policies of India and Ghana

Morgan Muat

No. 2019/1

Discourse and power relations in the asylum legal system: exploring the construction of refugee narratives by legal advocates in Lebanon

Malak Benslama-Dabdoub

No. 2019/2

An explorative ethnography in the super-diverse Wilmslow Road
Urban sociality and the recontextualization of shisha and food

Elena Damiano

No. 2019/3

Queerness, Diasporic Engagement and Notions of Acceptance among First Generation Queer Migrants in London

Josephine Mizen

No. 2018/1

A Language on the Move
Austrian Migrants in the United Kingdom and their German Mother Tongue

Stefanie Buzmaniuk

No. 2018/2

“Welcome to Canada”: Hospitality, Inclusion and Diversity in Private Refugee Sponsorship

Anna Hutchinson

No. 2018/3

Unbounding ‘Chineseness’: Placing ‘Huaren’ Transmigrants in London

Janard Liew Jian An

No. 2018/4

Exploring the Social Networks of Somali Refugees Settled in Lieksa, Finland

Katri M. Nevalainen

No. 2018/5

Understanding Migrants in Limbo through Statelessness
Exploring the inability and unwillingness to return among undocumented Moroccan migrants in Sweden

Isabelle Rothstein

No. 2018/6

‘That is a Beijing problem’: the making of rural-urban migrants as translocal environmental subjects in Shenzhen

Luise Yang

No. 2018/7

Branding Remembrance: The Symbolic and Material Imaginaries of the Poppy

Silvia Binenti

No. 2018/8

Third sector organisations and the de-politicisation of asylum governance

Nicolas Sharma

No. 2018/9

Hidden Borders
How and why policies contributing to the destitution of asylum seekers in the UK are justified

Olivia Field

No. 2018/10

‘Berlin’deyim Aşkım!’ On Performativity, Advocacy and Transnational Solidarity amongst Queer, Turkish-Speaking Migrants in Berlin

Erkan Gursel

No. 2018/11

Identity Construction, Belonging, and Community: A case study of queer Muslims in the United Kingdom

Elizabeth Johnstone

No. 2018/12

Refugee Youth’s Access to Education in Budapest

Linda Nagy

No. 2018/13

Men at work: the role gender in refugee men’s solidarity enactments in Athens

Oska Paul

No. 2018/15

The Reasonableness of Assessing “Genuineness” in Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Permanent Residence Applications

Sharmin Rahman

No. 2017/1

Queer (Im)mobilities and the ‘Refugee Crisis’: Examining Stakeholder Responses to Sexual Minority Refugees in Turkey

Aydan Greatrick

No. 2017/2

The WHO response to ebola: a discursive analysis

Catriona Gold

No. 2017/3

The Construction of Refugee Housing and “Home” in the Dispersed City – A Case Study of the City of Cologne

Sarah Magali Mohr
No. 2017/4

Escalator Regions in the 21st Century: Examining the relationship between social mobility and internal migration within England and Wales during recent decades

Adam Stiles

No. 2017/5

Safe and Legal Passages to Europe: A Case Study of Faith-Based Humanitarian Corridors to Italy

Susanna Trotta

No. 2016/1

Reflections of Madina in Post-Secular Britain
The Case of the Ihsan Community in Norwich

Bernhardt Caselin

No. 2016/2

Actors and Networks: Unravelling Foreign Domestic Labour

Alex K.S. Ma

No. 2016/3

Controlling Time?
The Influence of UK Tier 2 Status on Migrants’ Relationship with Time

Linn Helene Skovly Aakvik


Growing up between languages: Multilingualism among young Bosnian immigrants in Carinthia, Austria

Lauren R. Shaw

No. 2015/2

The Edible Nation: Exploring Culinary Nation-Building in Gibraltar

Amy Nuñez

No. 2015/3

Reflections on the Carceral Geographies of Detention Centres: A Visitor’s Perspective

Bhupinder Kaur Mann

No. 2014/1

The impact of male out-migration on left-behind women’s marital and reproductive strategies: a case-study in Kebemer, Senegal

Melissa Alice Paintoux

No. 2014/2

From the Front Page to the Town Hall Representations of Irish Travellers and local resistance to sites.

Joanna Moore

No. 2014/3

Queer, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Refugee Experiences of ‘Passing’ into ‘Membership of a Particular Social Group’

Elizabeth Connely

No. 2014/4

Family Reunification Rules in the UK: Protecting or Redefining Citizenship through Immigration Control?

Ana Macouzet

No. 2014/5

Citizenship and Geographies of Belonging: The Experience of Portuguese-Angolan and Indo-Mozambican Communities “Returning Home”

Jessica Vilela Hansraj

No. 2014/6

No ‘Place’ For Home: Stories of Discomfort and Depoliticisation in the Privatisation of Dispersal Accommodation in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Lorna Kate Gledhill

No. 2012/1

How does the movement of migration journey through the European border regime? Exploring the 'becomings' of irregularity, transit space and political subjectivity in Patras, Greece

Sally Jane Hole

No. 2012/2

Effects of migration on Jaffna Tamil families.

Aishwarya Bowatte

No. 2012/3

Spiritual remittances from Muslim communities in London: Religiosity across borders

Rahima Begum

No. 2012/4

The Case of Maria Amelie.
Post-political biopolitics, geopolitical imaginations and the Norwegian Asylum System

Sigurd Tvete

No. 2012/5

Feminised Labour Migration and the International Division of Reproductive Labour: The case of Filipina Domestic Workers in London

Mariko Hayashi

No. 2012/6

Language, Identity and Serbian Diaspora Engagement
The importance of language maintenance to Serbia and the UK Serb Diaspora

Charlotte Whelan

No. 2012/7

Zimbabwean migrants considering return
This paper investigates how Zimbabwean migrants in the UK consider return to Zimbabwe

Elin Berstad Mortensen

No. 2012/8
Challenging the politics of invisibility
Asylum seekers’ political activism in the north-east of Italy.
Valentina Port

No. 2012/9

Identity, cultural production and diaspora politics
An exploration of the work of second-generation Palestinian artists in the UK

Agata Patyna

No. 2012/10

E.U. Border Securitization, Migration and Free Movement
The case of Galati (Romania): a ‘frontier within a frontier’

Cristina Pecheanu

No. 2012/11

New Europeans
Dual Citizenship and Mobility among Latin Americans

Helen McCarthy

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