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Please browse all of the ExCiteS related publications that have been produced by the team. If you have any questions about any of them, please contact the respective author(s) and they will respond accordingly.

Title: Innovations in and the changing landscape of geography education with Geographic Information Systems
Author(s): Rickles, P., Ellul, C.
Title: The Future of Geospatial Education

Rickles, P

Title: Exploring new ways of digital engagement: a study on how mobilemapping and applications can contribute to disaster preparedness
Author(s): Fagg, G., Verrucci, E., Rickles, P.
Title: Investigating approaches to improving rendering performance of 3D city models on mobile devices
Author(s): Ellul, C., Altenbuchner, J.
Title: From 3D City Modelling to 3D Country Modelling: First Tests on Scale-Dependent Rendering on Mobile Devices
Author(s): Ellul, C., Altenbuchner, J.
Title: Privacy-preserving computation of participatory noise maps in the cloud
Author(s): Drosatos, G., Efraimidis, P.S., Athanasiadis, I.N., Stevens, M., D'Hondt, E.
Title: Taking Participatory Citizen Science to Extremes
Author(s): Stevens, M., Vitos, M., Altenbuchner, A., Conquest, G., Lewis, J., Haklay, M.
Title: Does wellbeing correlate with pro-environmental behaviours (within Volunteering Impacts)
Author(s): Seymour, V.
Title: A Preliminary Investigation into the Challenges of Learning GIS in Interdisciplinary Research
Author(s): Rickles, P. Ellul, C.
Title: Identifying Important Geographic Information System Concepts in Interdisciplinary Research: An Analysis of Google Scholar
Author(s): Rickles, P. Ellul, C.
Title: Using Free and Open Source GIS to Automatically Create Standards-Based Metadata in Academia
Author(s): Ellul, C., Tamash, N., Xian, F., Stuiver, J., Rickles, P.
Title: Crowdsourced Geographic Information Use in Government
Author(s): Haklay, M., Antoniou, V., Basiouka, S., Soden, R., Mooney, P.
Title: Developing an agent based evacuation simulation model based on the study of human behaviour in fire investigation reports
Author(s): Roan, T.
Title: Crowdsourced geodata and the semantic web: a use case
Author(s): Gliozzo, G.
Title: Designing for the Space of Emotion
Author(s): Nold, C.
Title: LOD 1 vs. LOD 2 - Preliminary Investigations into Differences in Mobile Rendering Performance
Author(s): Ellul, C., Altenbuchner, J.
Title: Community Mapping by non-literate Citizen Scientists in the Rainforest
Author(s): Vitos, M., Stevens, M., Lewis, J., Haklay, M.
Title: Participatory noise mapping works! An evaluation of participatory sensing as an alternative to standard techniques for environmental monitoring
Author(s): D'Hondt, E., Stevens, M., Jacobs, A.
Title: Using space syntax and historical land-use data to interrogate narratives of high street 'decline' in two Greater London suburbs
Author(s): Griffiths, S., Dhanani, A., Ellul, C., Haklay, M., Jeevendrampillai, D., Nikolova, N., Rickles, P.
Title: Growing a Commons Food Regime: Theory and Practice
Author(s): Chang, M.
Title: Guidelines for trust interface design for public engagement Web GIS
Author(s): Skarlatidou, A., Cheng, T., Haklay, M.
Title: An approach towards considering users' requirements in transport data visualisation
Author(s): Tanaksaranond, G., Skarlatidou, A., Cheng, T.
Title: Participatory monitoring of poaching in the Congo basin
Author(s): Stevens, M., Vitos, M., Lewis, J., Haklay, M.
Title: Making local knowledge matter: Supporting non-literate people to monitor poaching in Congo
Author(s): Vitos, M., Stevens, M., Lewis, J., Haklay, M.
Title: Neogeography and the delusion of democratisation
Author(s): Haklay, M.
Title: Technological leapfrogging in the Congo basin, pygmies and global positioning systems in central Africa: What has happened and where is it going?
Author(s): Lewis, J.
Title: Accessible technologies and FPIC: independent monitoring with forest communities in Cameroon
Author(s): Lewis, J., Nkuintchua, T.
Title: La percezione della sicurezza dello spazio pubblico: un contributo applicativo dei GIS
Author(s): Gliozzo, G., La Rosa, D.
Title: Geographic Information Science and Public Participation: Book Review
Author(s): Regalado, C.
Title: In conversation with Christian Nold author of Emotional Cartography (ebook)
Author(s): Shumack, K.
Title: Emotional Cartography
Author(s): Nold, C.
Title: Transport mapping: emotional cartography, mobility and the body politics of place
Author(s): Crabtree, L, Nold, C., Shumack, K, Tuckwell, J.
Title: Biotagging Manchester: Interdisciplinary Exploration of Biodiversity
Author(s): Nold, C., Tweddle, J., Ellis, R., Hemment, D., Wynne, B.
Title: The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World
Author(s): Nold, C., Kranenburg, R.
Title: Community memories for sustainable societies: The case of environmental noise
Author(s): Stevens, M.
Title: Discriminant Analysis for Assigning Short-Term Counts to Seasonal Adjustment Factor Groupings
Author(s): Tsapakis, I., Schneider, W.H., Bobol, A.S.Z., Skarlatidou, A.
Title: Trust in web geographical information systems for public participation
Author(s): Skarlatidou, A.
Title: Spatial access to healthcare: exploring the provision of local services
Author(s): Lewis, D.J.
Title: What do lay people want to know about the disposal of nuclear waste? A mental model approach to the design and development of an online risk communication
Author(s): Skarlatidou, A., Cheng, T., Haklay, M.
Title: Assessing Data Completeness of VGI through an Automated Matching Procedure for Linear Data
Author(s): Koukoletsos, T., Haklay, M., Ellul, C.
Title: Citizen Science and Volunteered Geographic Information - overview and typology of participation
Author(s): Haklay, M.
Title: A Flexible Database-Centric Platform for Citizen Science Data Capture
Author(s): Ellul, C., Francis, L., Haklay, M.
Title: Trust in Web GIS: The role of the trustee attributes in the design of trustworthy Web GIS applications
Author(s): Skarlatidou, A., Haklay, M., Cheng, T.
Title: Understanding the influence of specific Web GIS attributes in the formation of non-experts' trust perceptions
Author(s): Cheng, T., Skarlatidou, A., Wardlaw, J., Haklay, M.
Title: A step towards the improvement of spatial data quality of Web 2.0 geo-applications: the case of OpenStreetMap
Author(s): Antoniou, V., Haklay, M., Morley, J.
Title: Mapping for Change
Author(s): Haklay, M., Francis, L., Rahemtulla, H., Ellul, C.
Title: Web 2.0 geotagged photos: Assessing the spatial dimension of the phenomenon
Author(s): Antoniou, B., Haklay, M., Morley, J.
Title: How good is volunteered geographical information? A comparative study of OpenStreetMap and Ordnance Survey datasets
Author(s): Haklay, M.
Title: How Many Volunteers Does it Take to Map an Area Well?
Author(s): Haklay, M., Basiouka, S., Antoniou, V., Ather, A.
Title: Planning Alerts for Community Maps
Author: Liu, Y., Ellul, C., Haklay, M.
Title: Beyond the Internet - Increasing Participation in Community Events by Text Messaging
Author(s): Ellul, C., Rahemtulla, H., Haklay, M.
Title: Improving the London Green Map - Comparing Approaches to Displaying Large Numbers of Points in Google Maps
Author(s): Ellul, C., Marteau, F., Haklay, M.
Title: A Mechanism to Create Community Maps for Non-Technical Users
Author(s): Ellul, C., Haklay, M., Francis, L., Rahemtulla, H.
Title: Feeling the Way: Emotional Mapping
Author(s): Lewis, D.J., Nold, C., Haklay, M.
Title: Empowering Individuals and Community Groups - is Web GIS the Way Forward?
Author(s): Haklay, M., Francis, L.
Title: Noise Mapping Helps Citizens Take Action
Author(s): Haklay, M., Francis, L., Whitaker, C.
Title: OpenStreetMap - User Generated Street Map
Author(s): Haklay, M., Weber, P.
Title: A Mobile Spatial Messaging Service for a Grassroots Environmental Network
Author(s): Rahemtulla, H.A., Haklay, M., Longley, P.A.
Title: Web mapping 2.0: the Neogeography of Geoweb
Author(s): Haklay, M., Singleton, A., Parker, C.
Title: Usability Evaluation and PPGIS: Towards a User-Centred Approach
Author(s): Haklay, M., Tobón, C.
Title: Public Access to Environmental Information: Past, Present and Future
Author(s): Haklay, M.
Title: The Potential for Public Participation GIS in UK Environmental Planning: Appraisals by Active Publics
Author(s): Harrison C.M., Haklay, M.
Title: Public Environmental information - Understanding Requirements and Patterns of Likely Public Use
Author(s): Haklay, M.
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