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The ECRC aims to get students involved directly with its research.

We believes the student learning is enhanced by getting actively engaged in pushing forward the research frontier and overcoming some of the major challenges facing the world today. ECRC has enshrined these values since its inception and now the UCL as a whole is moving in this direction.

Fieldwork classes

Members of the ECRC are involved and running three undergraduate field trips: Catalonia in the first year, Mallorca in the second year, and Lesvos in the third year.

Fieldwork is also a key component of the following MSc Modules:

Undergraduate courses taught by ECRC staff

Module codeModule titleLevel
GEOG1001 London: A Geographical Introduction 1st Year
GEOG1002 Earth: an integrated system 1st Year
Environmental Change 1st Year
GEOG2002 Physical Geography Field Research 2nd Year
GEOG2005 Geomorphology 2nd Year
GEOG2008 Reconstructing Past Environments 2nd Year
GEOG2007 Ecological Patterns And Processes 2nd Year
GEOG2020 Surface and Groundwater Hydrology 2nd Year
GEOG2021 Environmental Remote Sensing 2nd Year
GEOG2026 Statistics For Environmental Geographers 2nd Year
GEOG3042 Managing Fresh Waters in the 21st Century 3rd Year
Palaeoclimatology 3rd Year