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ECRC research papers

Kernan, MAllott, TEH; (1998) Spatial variability of nitrate concentration in lakes in Snowdonia, North Wales. (ECRC Research Paper 18 )

Curtis, CJWhyatt, JDMetcalfe, SEAllott, TEHHarriman, R; (1998) Assessing the impact of international emissions reduction scenarios to combat the acidification of freshwaters in Great Britain with the First-order Acidity Balance (FAB) model and the Hull Acid Rain Model (HARM). (ECRC Research Paper 17 , pp. pp. 1-22 )

Curtis, CJAllott, TEHBird, DHall, JHarriman, RHelliwell, RKernan, MReynolds, BUllyett, J; (1998) Critical loads of sulphur and nitrogen for freshwaters in Great Britain and assessment of deposition reduction requirements with the First-order Acidity Balance (FAB) model. (ECRC Research Paper 16 , pp. pp. 1-28)

Tenner, C; (1996) The impact of carp stocking on fresh water Sites of Special Scientific Interest in southern England. (ECRC Research Paper 14 )

Goldsmith, B; (1996) A rationale for the use of artificial substrata to enhance diatom-based monitoring of eutrophication in lowland rivers. (ECRC Research Paper 13 )

Curtis, CJAllott, TEHBattarbee, RWHarriman, RHall, J; (1996) Screening and validation of the empirical maps for UK freshwater critical loads. (ECRC Research Paper 12 )

Battarbee, RWAllott, TEHBull, KChristie, AEGCurtis, CFlower, RJHall, JHarriman, RJenkins, AJuggins, SKreiser, AMetcalfe, SEOrmerod, SJPatrick, ST; (1994) Critical loads of acid deposition for UK freshwaters: Report of the Critical Loads Advisory Group, sub-group on Freshwaters, for the UK Department of the Environment. (ECRC Research Paper 11 )

Battarbee, RWAllott, TEHBull, KJenkins, AHall, JHarriman, RJuggins, SKreiser, AOrmerod, SJPatrick, STShaw, CWeatherley, N; (1993) Critical loads and acid deposition for UK freshwaters (summary): a report to the Department of the Environment from the Critical Loads Advisory Group for Freshwaters. (ECRC Research Paper 10 )

Rose, NL; (1993) An assessment of the potential of the United Kingdom Acid Waters Monitoring Network to monitor the impact of atmospheric trace metals and persistent organic compounds on freshwaters. (ECRC Research Paper 9 )

Flower, RJJones, VJAppleby, PGRichardson, NRippey, BRose, NLStevenson, AC; (1993) The extent of regional acidification in north-west Scotland: palaeoecological evidence. (ECRC Research Paper 8 )

Jones, VJBattarbee, RWAppleby, PGRichardson, NRippey, BRose, NLStevenson, AC; (1993) Acidification in the Cairngorms and Lochnagar: a palaeoecological assessment. (ECRC Research Paper 7 )

Juggins, S; (1992) The relationship between epilithic diatom assemblages and water chemistry in Scottish streams. (ECRC Research Paper 6 )

Battarbee, RWAllott, TEHBirks, HJBBull, KFlower, RJJenkins, AHall, JHarriman, RJuggins, SKreiser, AOrmerod, SJPatrick, STRose, NWeatherley, N; (1992) Critical loads and acid deposition for UK freshwaters: an interim report to the DoE from the Critical Loads Advisory Group (Freshwaters sub-group). (ECRC Research Paper 5 )

Flower, RJAppleby, PG; (1992) Conservation of Moroccan wetlands and palaeoecological assessment of recent environmental change: some preliminary results with special reference to coastal sites. (ECRC Research Paper 4 )

Kreiser, AMAnderson, NJAppleby, PGBattarbee, RWPatrick, STRippey, BRose, NL; (1992) A palaeolimnological study of the water quality of lakes in the Vosges Mountains of France. (ECRC Research Paper 3 )

Battarbee, RWKreiser, AMHarriman, RBull, KJenkins, AOrmerod, SJ; (1992) The distribution of nitrate in UK surface waters and its implication for calculating critical loads: a preliminary assessment. (ECRC Research Paper 2 )

Flower, RJRose, NLPatrick, STAppleby, PGRippey, BStevenson, ACBattarbee, RW; (1992) A palaeoecological assessment of the acidification status of lakes in the north-west and west of Ireland. (ECRC Research Paper 1)