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ECRC People

Jennifer Adams PhD student
Emily Alderton PhD student
Jan Axmacher Senior Lecturer
Ambroise Baker Post-doctoral Researcher
Rick Battarbee Emeritus Professor
Victoria Bauer Database Developer
Helen Bennion Reader
John Birks Honorary Professor
Isabel Bishop PhD student
Chris Brierley Senior Lecturer
Helene Burningham Senior Lecturer
Roger Flower Emeritus Professorial Research Fellow
Ben Goldsmith ENSIS Ltd
Helen Greaves PhD student
Poppy Harding PhD student
Jonathan Holmes Professor and ECRC Director
Viv Jones Professor
Anne-Lise Jourdan Research Scientist and BEIF  Lab Manager
Lucia Lencioni PhD student
Simon Lewis Professor
Anson Mackay Professor
Vasiliki Margari Postdoctoral Research Associate
Sara Martins PhD student
Mark Maslin Professor
Richard Mazebedi PhD student
Simon Patrick Director, ENSIS Ltd
Lucy Roberts PhD student
Hannah Robson PhD student
Kevin Roe Laboratory technician
Neil Rose Professor
Carl Sayer Reader
Ewan Shilland ENSIS Ltd
Jamie Shilland ENSIS Ltd
Emily Smith PhD student
Nadia Solovieva Postdoctoral Research Associate
Peter Spooner Postdoctoral Research Associate
David Thornalley Lecturer
Joanna Tindall PhD student
Simon Turner Postdoctoral Research Associate
Chronis Tzedakis Professor
Richard Walton PhD student
Handong Yang Senior Research Fellow