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The ECRC has access to analytical facilities, both within the Department of Geography and more widely within UCL.

eurf.jpgUCL Environmental Radiometric Facility

The main application of this facility has been for the radiometric dating of lake sediments and peats via the measurement of short-lived radio-isotopes.

BEIFlogo2013.jpgBloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility

The Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility (BEIF) houses mass spectrometers with a variety of peripheral systems capable of measuring stable isotopes (δ18O, δ15N, δ13C and δD) generated from a variety of environmental materials.

img_2112_27831821052_o.jpgThe Physical Geography laboratories

The Physical Geography laboratories are located in the basement of the North-West Wing. The laboratories house a wide range of facilities for the analysis of waters, sediments, soils and other environmental materials.


Amphora is the ECRC’s central database.  It is designed to hold chemical, biological and palaeoenvironmental data generated by members of the ECRC since 1980.  The data mainly reflect the ECRC’s interest in diatoms, freshwater lakes and freshwater lake sediments from the UK and continental Europe, although other data types, such as macrofossil, geochemical and chronological data are increasingly being added to it.  The database is password protected but some of the data are available to external users on agreement, please contact ECRC Admin or Victoria Bauer.