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Selected publications


      French JR, Burningham H, Thornhill G & Nicholls RJ (2016) Integrating estuarine, coastal and inner shelf sediment systems in a common conceptual framework as a basis for participatory shoreline management. In: Meadows M & Lin J-C (eds.) Geomorphology and society, Springer (in press).


          Hanson SE, Balson P, Brown I, French JR, Nicholls RJ, Spencer T & Sutherland W (2015) Qualitative modelling of morphological change in the coastal zone. In: RJ Nicholls (ed.) Broad scale coastal simulation: new techniques to understand and manage shorelines in the third millennium. New York, Springer (in press).

          French JR, Payo A, Murray AB, Orford J, Eliot M & Cowell P (2015) Appropriate complexity for the prediction of coastal and estuarine geomorphic behaviour at decadal to centennial scales. Geomorphology (in press)

          French JR, Burningham H, Thornhill G, Whitehouse R & Nicholls RJ (2015) Conceptualizing and mapping coupled estuary, coast and inner shelf sediment systems. Geomorphology, (in press)

          Payo A, Hall J, French JR, Sutherland J, van Maanen B, Nicholls RJ  & Reeve DE (2015) Causal loop analysis of coastal geomorphological systems. Geomorphology doi:10.1016/j.geomorph.2015.07.048

          Nicholls RJ, French JR, van Maanen B, Burningham H, Payo A, Sutherland J, Walkden M, Thornhill G, Brown J, Luxford F, Simm J, Reeve DE & Horrillo-Carabello JM (2015) Improving decadal coastal geomorphic predictions. E-Proceedings 36th IAHR World Congress, The Hague, Netherlands.

          Nicholls RJ, French JR, van Maanen B, Burningham H, Payo A, Sutherland J, Walkden M, Thornhill G, Brown J, Luxford F, Simm J, Reeve DE, Hall JW, Souza A, Stansbky PL, Amoudry LO, Rogers B, Ellis M, Whitehouse R, Horrillo-Carabello JM, Karunarathna HU, Pan S, Plater A, Dix J, Barnes J & Heron E (2015) Improving decadal coastal geomorphic predictions: an overview of the iCOASST project. Proceedings of Coastal Sediments 2015, San Diego, CA, 11-15 May 2015.

          Thornhill G, French JR & Burningham H (2015). ESTEEM – a new ‘hybrid complexity’ model for simulating estuary morphological evolution at decadal to centennial scales. Proceedings Coastal Sediments 2015, San Diego, CA, 11-15 May 2015.

          Burningham H & French JR (2015) Large-scale spatial variability in the contemporary coastal sand and gravel resource, Suffolk, eastern UK. Proceedings Coastal Sediments 2015, San Diego, CA, 11-15 May 2015.

          French JR & Burningham H (2015) Wave-driven sediment pathways on a gravel-dominated coast subject to a strongly bi-modal wave climate, Suffolk, eastern UK. Proceedings of Coastal Sediments 2015, San Diego, CA, 11-15 May 2015.

          Iversen EC & Burningham H (2015). The relationship between the NAO and wind climate over Norway. Climate Research 63, 115-134.

          Burningham H (2015) Gravel spit-inlet dynamics: Orford Spit, UK. In: Randazzo, G, Cooper, JAG, Jackson D (eds.) Sand and gravel spits. Coastal Research Library 12, Springer, 51-65.


              Burningham H & French, JR (2014) Travelling forelands: complexities in drift and migration patterns. Journal of Coastal Research SI70, 102-108.

              Burningham H & French JR (2014) Shoreline – shoreface dynamics on the Suffok coast. Crown Estate, 106pp.

              Knight J & Burningham H (2014). A paraglacial coastal gravel structure: Connell’s Bank, NW Ireland. Journal of Coastal Research SI70, 121-126.


                  French JR & Burningham H (2013) Coasts and climate: insights from geomorphology. Progress in Physical Geography 37, 550-561.

                  Burningham H & French JR (2013) Is the NAO winter index a reliable proxy for wind climate and storminess in northwest Europe? International Journal of Climatology 33, 2036-2049.

                  Gardner EA & Burningham H (2013) Ecology and conservation of the rare annual Petrorhagia nanteuilii (Childing Pink) on the vegetated shingle spits of Pagham Harbour, West Sussex. Journal of Coastal Conservation 17, 589-600 [].


                      Nicholls RJ, Burningham H, Dix J, French JR, Hall JW, Reeve D, Souza A, Stansby PK, Sutherland J, Walkden M & Whitehouse R (2012) iCOASST – Integrating Coastal Sediment Systems. Proceedings International Conference on Coastal Engineering, Santander, 12pp.

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                          Richards EG & Burningham H (2011). Hippophae rhamnoides on a coastal dune system: a thorny issue? Journal of Coastal Conservation 15, 73-85. [doi:10.1007/s11852-010-0122-3]


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