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Culture and Migration


This research cluster brings together human geographers working across social, cultural and historical geography at UCL with a specific expertise in relation to migration studies and mobillities; development; and critical cultural and historical geographies. Researchers in this cluster share a theoretical concern with social and particularly racialised inequalities and difference; critical approaches to social and cultural geographies; a commitment to empirical and often historical geographical research and an interest in developing innovative geographical research often working with creative partners and co-producers and a wide range of user groups.

UCL has long been a leader in cultural historical geography and this intellectual legacy is evident in the range of contemporary scholarship, particularly the pioneering work of James Kneale on literary geographies and the historical geographies of drinking and licensing. A commitment to critical race and postcolonial theory underpins research leadership on historical black geographies, through Caroline Bressey’s leadership of the Equiano Centre, and Tariq Jazeel’s scholarship on the postcolonial politics and landscapes of Sri Lanka and South India. Tariq also leads UCL’s new South Asian Studies network.

Research on migration is concentrated particularly on refugees and humanitarian assistance (Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh); the geographies of faith, transnationalism and multiculturalism and remittances, transnational networks and diaspora politics (Ben Page) with particular regional interests in the Middle East and Africa. Ben Page is also part of UCL’s new African Studies Centre. UCL’s interdisciplinary Migration Research Unit is linked to this cluster and leads the MSc Global Migration Programme. There are also important cross-cutting links within this research cluster such as Ben Page’s analysis of early development film and colonial geographical imaginations or the interventions of Caroline Bressey on historical black mobilities. Most members of this cluster contribute to the core theoretical courses of the MSc Global Migration.

This research cluster supports a large cohort of PhD students and leads the department in shaping geographical conversations and colloquia around intersecting themes such as ‘Ordinary Geographies’. It also maintains strong links and intersections with the Department’s other research clusters, as well as UCL’s Institute of Advanced Studies.

The research cluster is co-led by Dr Tariq Jazeel and Dr Ben Page.


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