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Fabien Moustard


Fabien |

Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS)
UCL Department of Geography
University College London
North-West Wing, Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

Primary Supervisor: Prof Muki Haklay (UCL Geography)
Secondary Supervisor: Prof Jerome Lewis (UCL Anthropology)





Current Research

Title: Others as peers: a contribution to the sociology of recognition in knowledge production

Brief abstract: The two mains aspects of social inequality/justice are distribution of material resources and recognition of dignity (Fraser, 2000). If the sociology of distribution is well studied, by Piketty (2014) for instance, a sociology of recognition does not yet exist (Lamont, 2018). I use the latter approach to analyse the Extreme Citizen Science (ECS) case study in which “high-status” professional scientists aim to give indigenous communities access to science. My objective is to understand how “low-status” groups could gain recognition and worth.

Fraser, N., 1995. From Redistribution to Recognition? Dilemmas of Justice in a Post-Socialist Age. New Left Review. 212:68-93.
Piketty, T., 2014. Capital in the Twenty-first century. Harvard University Press.
Lamont, M., 2018. Addressing Recognition Gaps: Destigmatization and the Reduction of Inequality. American Sociological Review. 83(3):419-444.


2019 – now – PhD Student, University College London (United Kingdom).

2018 – now – European foresight research fellow, The Destrée Institute (Belgium)

2018 - Certificate in Operational Foresight, UMons (Belgium)

2016 - 2018 - MSc in Political Science, first class honours, UCLouvain (Belgium)

2016 - MSc (2nd year) in Planetology and Spatial Exploration, upper second class honours, UPMC (Paris, France)

2015 - MSc (1st year) in Water, Climate and Glaciology, Grenoble Alpes University (France)

2014 - BSc in Earth Science, UPMC, Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris, France)


Accepted: F. Moustard, F. Leduc. (2020). “Nos liens au monde: penser la complexité” [Our relationships with the world: thinking complexity]. L’Harmattan. Paris.

Book reviewed by Edgar Morin. Preface of François Taddei. Postface of Philippe Kourilsky.

In prep. M. Haklay, F. Moustard. (2020). Post-normal science and citizen science.

In prep. P. Rochette, F. Moustard et al. (2020). A new impact glass field discover in Belize.

A. Skarlatidou, F. Moustard, M. Vitos. (2020). Experiences from Extreme Citizen Science: Using smartphone-based data collection tools with low-literate people. CHI 2020 Case Study Paper. Honolulu.

P. Rochette, R. Alac, P. Beck, G. Brocard, A. J. Cavosie, V. Debaille, B. Devouard, F. Jourdan, B. Mougel, F. Moustard, F. Moynier, S. Nomade, G. Osinski, B. Reynard and J. Cornec. (2019).Proving a large recent impact crater in tropical humid climate (pantasma crater case): not an easy task without drilling. Large Meteorite Impacts & Planetary Evolution VI. Brazilia.

P. Rochette, R. Alac, P. Beck, G. Brocard, A. Cavosie, V. Debaille, B. Devouard, F. Jourdan, B. Mougel, F. Moustard, F. Moynier, S. Nomade, G. Osinski, J. Cornec. (2019). Evidence for a Pleistocene circa 14km diameter impact structure in Nicaragua. Meteoritics & Planetary Science. Volume 54. Issue4. Pages. 880-901.

P. Rochette, P. Beck, V. Debaille, B. Devouard, F. Jourdan, D.T. King Jr., F. Moustard, S. Nomade, J. Cornec. (2017). Connecting the Pantasma (Nicaragua) and Belize impact glasses: toward a fourth couple crater and tektite strewn-field. Meteoritical Society Meeting. Santa Fe. #6018.

P. Rochette, F. Moustard, B. Devouard, J. Cornec, D. T. King, D. Milham, C. Andrieu. (2016). Expanding the belize glass field in the physical, chemical and geographic spaces. Meteoritical Society Meeting, Berlin. #6216.

P. Rochette, P. Beck, V. Debaille, B. Devouard, F. Moustard, S. Nomade, J. Cornec. (2016). First investigations on the Pantasma structure (Nicaragua). Meteoritical Society Meeting. Berlin. #6128.

P. Rochette, J. Gattacceca, B. Devouard, F. Moustard, N.S. Bezaeva, C. Cournède, B. Scaillet. (2015). Magnetic properties of tektites and other related impact glasses. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Volume 432. Pages. 381-90.

E. Dos Santos, R.B. Scorzelli, P. Rochette, B. Devouard, J. Gattacceca, F. Moustard, C. Cournède. (2015). A new strewnfield of splash-form impact glasses in Atacama, Chile: a mössbauer study. Meteoritical Society Meeting. Berkeley. #5074.

B. Devouard, P. Rochette, J. Gattacceca, J.-A Barrat, F. Moustard et al. (2014). A new tektite strewnfield in Atacama, Chile. Meteoritical Society Meeting. Casablanca. # 5394.

P. Rochette, F. Moustard, J. Gattacceca, B. Devouard. (2014). Magnetic properties of tektites and related glasses. Meteoritical Society Meeting. Casablanca. # 5040.