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Clement Oghoro

An Oil Complex? Land and Oil in Delta State Nigeria


Clement Oghoro

Department of Geography
University College London
North-West Wing
Gower Street

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Dr Ben Page
Prof Andrew Barry

PhD Thesis

Working Title: Oil Complex? Land and Oil in Delta State Nigeria

This research engages with the debate on oil resource and its implications on violence but from a land perspective. It revisits the notion of oil complex to express that disputes emerging from supposedly categorised resource enclaves have deep root than the specific resource being disputed. It uses a case study of colonial Warri province of southern Nigeria and contemporary expression, explored through archival and ethnographic fieldwork to explain how changes in the condition of land have implication on social relations, vice versa. Land and Oil are not fixed social categories, neither are they mere biophysical materials, as they become objects of unequal social power relations that constantly configure and reconfigure their material nature. Specifically, the thesis examines the interaction of oil production and land tenure in the “Oil-complex” of Niger Delta, Nigeria and Land is foregrounded to illuminate how parties conspire to instigate disorder in struggle over access to land and oil compensations.



Clement Oghoro was originally trained in Forestry and Wildlife, at Delta State University in Nigeria. But his interest was beyond Forestry and Wildlife, as he went on to complete an MSc in Environmental Protection and Management from the University of Edinburgh. He worked brieftly with the Department of Forestry of Delta State Ministry of Environment Nigeria, as a scientific officer before embarking on a study leave to commence his doctoral degree at University College London. One of the things that have intrigued me is the subject of land, therefore my research at the  Department of Geography of University College London-UCL explores land in southern Nigeria, drawing on historical and contemprary experiences.