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Current Research Students

Sidra Ahmed
Nicolas Anastassacos Investigating the emergence of cooperative behaviour in artificial societies
Chiara Bancone Temporal and spatial distribution of microplastics in the sediments of UK rural and urban lakes
Suriyah Bi Marriage and Masculinities in Motion: Examining Migrant Husbands’ Experiences of in Birmingham’s British Pakistani Community
Oliver Van Biervliet The effects of the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) on hydrology and nutrient dynamics at variable spatial scales
Julia Borowicz
James Brennan Burned Area Model Intercomparison Project
Frances Butler Locating a responsible state: climate governance as a material politics
Ffion Carney Understanding the mobility patterns and travel behaviours of the older population through smartcard travel data
Alice Carter-Champion
Declan Cooper
Laura Cuch Food, Faith, Home: A visual exploration of religious and domestic material culture
Anna Cutmore Abrupt climate changes during the last deglaciation and Holocene: pollen & biomarker analyses from the Portuguese Margin
Victor Darvariu
Eleanor Dixon Brandt
David Downes Landscape-scale consequences of farmland pond restoration for aquatic macrophytes and invertebrates
Nandita Dutta
Eftesum Eftesum
Khatereh Eghdamian Rethinking Religion in Humanitarianism: Examining the Nature and Implications of Discursive Representations of Syrian Refugees on Religious Minorities in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey
Ngozi Fakeye
Sarah Fischel Equity and Participation within Marine Protected Areas in Cuba
Martina Fisk The Sociology of National CO2 Inventories and their Role in International Climate Policy Making
Claire Fletcher What relationship, if any, do queer asylum seekers have with religion during their asylum-seeking journey to the UK?
Evelina Gambino Frictions, materials and imaginations in the making of Georgian infrastructure
Lucien Georgeson Defining and Measuring the Global Green Economy
Catriona Gold Travel warnings, alerts, and advice: history and origins
Helen Greaves
Assessing the value of pond management for biodiversity conservation
Alix Green Understanding the drivers of carbon sequestration in contrasting seagrass ecosystems: Implications for regional seagrass conservation.
Tania Guerrero Rios Urban growth planning: The impact of urban containment policies on affordable housing in Mexico City
Izazul Haq Risk of groundwater salinisation in an Asian Mega-delta under global change: evidence from the Bengal Basin
Peter Hawking-Sach
Abigail Hill
Lioba Hirsch Quarantine: ontopolitical explorations of disease, space and coloniality 
Nicola Horne
Oyinbo as Other: The making and meanings of whiteness in Lagos, Nigeria
Honeyeh Iravani Hydrological impacts of climate change and land cover change on Gavkhuni wetland, Iran
Byeonghwa Jeong
Zhiyi Jiang
Daniela Lainez Del Pozo A governance analysis of the Guano Islands, Isles and Capes National Reserve System, Peru
Jack Layton Active Publics: everyday sports and fitness practices in the urban environment, their spaces and their politics
Jihyun Lee
Lucia Lencioni Recent responses of freshwater Scottish lochs to changes in nutrient loading and climate change
Jin Li
Hui-Chun Liu
Privileged Expatriates: Economic Zones, China’s Statecraft and Geopolitics with Taiwan
Alyson Lloyd Applications of Big Data for Social Science: Prospects of Loyalty Card Data
Alfred Long
Stephen Long Sustainable fishing in Greenland: impact of deep-sea trawling on benthic ecosystems
Markus Löning
Understanding the new digital retail landscape
Ana McMillin New Geographies of ‘Making’: The resurgence of manufacturing of advanced formats in the post-industrial urban context - The case of 3D Printing Industry in London
Mikael Maes On the nature of green infrastructure in relation to human health
Laura Marshall Making Sense of Gender: Exploring gender diversity through the experiences of people with trans identities and histories
Soledad Martinez Rodriguez May I Walk with You? Exploring Difference and Inequality in Everyday Walking Practices in Santiago de Chile
Murray Mckenzie Artists, spatialized practice, and the (re)remembrance of contested space
Lubaina Mirza
Shayan Moftizadeh
Braulio Morera The politics of sustainability: new environmental metaphors in Chinese urban development
Fabien Moustard
Clement Oghoro A Place of Disputes: Land, Oil Resource and Governmentality in Warri
Niall Origo Measuring and simulating PAR fluxes in a forest environment for satellite product validation
Damian Oyarzun Valenzuela
Climate Change and Air Pollution Connections in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Isobel Pagendam
Alex Papadopoulos A Human-Computer Interaction framework for enhancing user participation in Citizen Science and other public participation web technologies
Rebecca Payne
Robert Petitpas Ontological politics of tree conservation; the case of araucarias in Chile
Silvia Polizel
Morphodynamics of Brazilian deltas
Cecile Porchier
Eleri Pritchard Impacts of non-native invasive crayfish on native river biota in Europe
Tim Rains The temporal patterns and geodemographics of consumption activity.
Tissot Regis
Carole Roberts
Jason Chi Sing Tang
Nathaniel Telemaque
Tatianna Rodrigues Regional Migration Policy & Identity Construction in the Caribbean Community
Nilufer Sari Aslam Identification of Human Mobility Pattern Using Smart Card Data
David Seddon Assessing Human Impacts on Groundwater Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa
Laura Sivess
James Sorensen Real-time detection of faecally contaminated drinking water with fluorescence spectroscopy
Katherine Taylor-Helps
Joanna Tindall Lacustrine oxygen isotopes as tracers of past climate change in NW Europe
James Todd
Lourdes Toledo Tapia Empowering enterprises?  Microentrepreneurship programmes for women in Guadalajara, Mexico
Terje Trasberg
Lilian Unger Using Palaeolimnology to inform freshwater restoration in Madagascar
Mariflor Vega Carrasco
Richard Walton Understanding the impacts of management on plant-pollinator and macrophyte assemblages in a farmland pond ecosystem
Emilia Weber
Performances of Politics, Power and Resistance in the UK
Jack Wharton
Yaqian Wu
Yufeng Wu
Jakub Wyszomierski Hybrid geodemographics and creation of the 2021 Output Area Classification
Peng Xi
Wanxin Yang
Automatic tree structure reconstruction and tree species recognition from terrestrial laser scanning data using machine learning techniques
Feng Yin
Anni Zhao

Equatorial temperature gradients and Plio-Pleistocene East African climate change