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Dr Andrew Burt

Andrew-Burt.jpgDepartment of Geography
University College London








  1. My research is focused on characterising the structure of forests, with a particular interest in quantifying tropical forest biomass and carbon stocks.

  2. Recent work has concentrated on uncertainty in estimates of above-ground biomass at the tree- and stand-scale, whether these estimates have been derived from traditional methods such as allometry (see here), or from new technologies such as terrestrial lidar, which our group at UCL have helped pioneer (see here and here).

  1. Several pieces of useful software have been developed during my research. They can be found on GitHub here.

  1. 2012 - 2017: PhD - Remote Sensing, University College London (a copy of my PhD thesis can be found here)

  2. 2007 - 2012: MEng - Aerospace Engineering, University of Surrey

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