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Click on this link to download climate data: PRECIS Uganda experiments

The data are in /data/emmg_raid_1/lmileham/PRECIS/Uganda and then in three folders uclbe/uclax and makal referring to the three model experiments (see below).

Model output is provided for the region 7.3°S-8°N, 26-39°E the resolution of the data is 0.22 deg.

This includes a 250 km buffer zone for the PRECIS domain. This buffer zone should not be included in any analysis of the data as it is used for the model to change from the lower resolution GCM boundary data to the higher resolution RCM data and therefore contains errors.

The file names indicate the climatic variable and the model run used to create that variable.

Makal = Historic 1960-90 PRECIS run using HadCM3 boundary data
Uclbax = Historical 1957-1990 PRECIS run using ERA-40 boundary conditions
Uclbe = Future 2070-2100 PRECIS run using the A2 SRES scenario and HadCM3 boundary data

The file number refers to the climatic variable

00002 = U wind
00003 = V wind
05216 = Total precipitation
00024 = Temperature
16204 = Relative humidity
00010 = specific humidity

More information on each of these variables can be found in the PRECIS handbook available online.

Citation to be used for those using climate data generated from PRECIS experiments:

Mileham, L., 2008.