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Uganda PRECIS (RCM) Experiments

PRECIS (RCM) experiments for Uganda and surrounding region



High-resolution (daily timestep, 0.22° grid) climate data are available* for Uganda and the surrounding region from Regional Climate Model (RCM) experiments conducted in UCL Geography by Lucinda Mileham using PRECIS (Providing REgional Climates for Impacts Studies) developed at the Hadley Centre of the UK Met Office. Please consult the PRECIS website for further details of this regional climate model.



RCM experiments using PRECIS were conducted cover the region defined by latitudes 7.3°S to 8.0°N and longitudes 26.0°E to 39.0°E. This region includes a 250 km buffer zone for the modelled domain. Please note that data from the buffer zone should not be used as errors can arise close to boundary between lower-resolution GCM boundary data and higher-resolution RCM data.

Data download

To download climate data, please clicking on the following link - Uganda PRECIS (RCM) experiments - to access the data directories. Filenames in the data directory reflect both the climate variable and model run (see below) used to generate that variable. Datafiles are available in netcdf format and can be read by all common climate data analysis tools such as GRADS, CDO, NCL, R, MatLab and IDL.


Model run (experiment)

Makal: 1960 to 1990 baseline experiment using HadCM3 boundary data (Makal)

Uclbax: 1957 to 1990 baseline experiment using ERA-40 boundary conditions

Uclbe: 2070 to 2100 A2 SRES scenario and HadCM3 boundary data

Climate variable

05216: total precipitation

00024: temperature

00002: U wind:

00003: V wind:

16204: relative humidity

00010: specific humidity




* USER'S NOTE: we welcome use of these data but kindly ask users to cite the source of data in any publications that emanate from their application using the follow reference:

Mileham, L., 2008. Impact of climate change on terrestrial hydrology in a humid, equatorial catchment in Uganda. Unpublished PhD dissertation, Department of Geography, University College London.