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Lucia Perez de Oliveira


Lucia Perez de Oliveira

PhD Candidate

UCL Department of Geography

Pearson Building

Gower Street

London. WC1E 6BT






2011 – Present  University College London

MPhil in Geography


2007         University College London

MSc in Freshwater and Coastal Science


2003           Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Teaching training programme (equivalent to PGCE)


2002 Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

BSc (Hons) in Biology



Key themes: Marine protected areas, marine conservation, social-ecological systems, stakeholder analysis.

My research aims to investigate how different institutions and incentives can be used to address the driving forces causing disturbance in a social-ecological system by re-organising while undergoing change allowing it to retain its function, thus promoting resilience.

I intend to explore this through a longitudinal case study, building on previous work that analysed the process of creation of “Os Miñarzos” the first marine protected area (MPA) in Galicia, Spain. The MPA was designated as a result of a proposal developed by a fishing community working in partnership with a team of scientists, environmentalists and members of the autonomous Galician government. My MSc dissertation project investigated the reasons behind such initiative and highlighted the importance of user participation and knowledge sharing as means to promote stewardship amongst users leading to increased compliance with MPA regulations.

Despite its promising start, as a result of budgetary cuts in light of the current economic crisis in Spain the surveillance in the MPA has stopped, causing the activity of incoming poachers to resume with a severe impact on the effectiveness of the MPA. Currently there are plans to extend the size of the MPA 50-fold involving seven new fishing communities and the national government. The success of this new phase of the MPA will depend on the capacity of the different stakeholders to work together in the co-management of the MPA in order to re-organise and adapt to changes.

My study will evaluate the evolution of “Os Minarzos Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest” over its years of existence, between its inception in 2007 to 2015, and the influence of the changing governance dynamics on its effectiveness to achieve its strategic objectives focusing on the role and relative power of different actors and how these have evolved over time.


Perez de Oliveira, L. (2010). Os Minarzos Marine Reserve of Fishing Interest Marine Protected Area: governance analysis. In: in Jones PJS, Qiu W, De Santo EM(editors) Governing marine protected areas: getting the balance right, vol.2; p 147–55.Technical Report to Marine & Coastal Ecosystems Branch, UNEP, Nairobi

Perez de Oliveira, L. (2013). Fishers as advocates of marine protected areas: a case study from Galicia (NW Spain). Marine Policy 2013; 41: 95–102.