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Dr Jamie Kelly



Jamie’s research explores the chemical processes and impacts of toxic and climate-relevant pollutants in the atmosphere. Jamie received his MChem in Chemistry from the University of Leeds, which involved laboratory work on determining the chemical reactivity of organic gases. Jamie was then awarded a CASE studentship between the University of Edinburgh and the Met Office to obtain a PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences. During that time, Jamie developed the representation of Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA), which is important for both human health and climate, within the UK Met Office chemistry-climate model (HadGEM3-UKCA). He then used this model to estimate how projected future changes in climate and anthropogenic activity will affect atmospheric concentrations of SOA. During Jamie’s postdoctoral position at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he worked with an interdisciplinary team of scientists to perform a global-scale human health impact assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are carcinogens released from fossil fuel combustion. To achieve this, Jamie both developed and used a chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem).


PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, University of Edinburgh (2014-2019)
MChem in Chemistry, University of Leeds (2010-2014)

Past Employment

Postdoctoral Associate, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2019-2021)

Kelly, J. M., Doherty, R. M., O'Connor, F. M., and Mann, G. W.: The impact of biogenic, anthropogenic and biomass burning volatile organic compound emissions on regional and seasonal variations in secondary organic aerosol, Atmos. Chem. Phys.,, 2018.

I. Bejan, F. A. F. Winiberg, N. Mortimer, D.J Medeiros, C. A. Brumby, S.C. Orr, J. Kelly and P. W. Seakins: Gas-phase rate coefficients for a series of alkyl cyclohexanes with OH radicals and Cl atoms, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics,, 2018

Kelly, J. M., Doherty, R. M., O'Connor, F. M., Mann, G. W., Coe, E., and Liu D.: The roles of volatile organic compound deposition and oxidation mechanisms in determining secondary organic aerosol production; A global perspective using the UKCA chemistry-climate model (vn8.4), Geos. Mod. Dev.,, 2019.

Transboundary and local contributors to PM2.5 in Leicester

Using a numerical atmospheric chemistry and transport model (GEOS-Chem) and observations from air quality networks to assess PM2.5 over Leicester  and the rest of the UK.
People: Jamie Kelly
Collaborators: Leicester City Council, DEFRA
Funding: DEFRA