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Dr. James Kneale

Room 107
Department of Geography
26 Bedford Way

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7679 5535
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7679 7565

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I graduated from the Department of Geography, University College London in 1990. I then worked as a Research Assistant in the Department for a year before beginning my PhD, supervised by Jacquie Burgess. In 1994 I moved to Bristol to work as a Temporary Lecturer in the Department of Geography while writing up my PhD, which was awarded in 1995. In the autumn of that year I moved to Exeter to work as a Tutor, becoming a Lecturer there until September 2000, when I returned to UCL.

Since then I've been Admissions Tutor, Chair of the Undergraduate Exam Board, Anthropology and Geography Joint Degree Tutor, Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator, and Third Year Tutor (Deputy Undergraduate Tutor).

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          My research interests are in cultural and historical geography, particularly these two areas:

          The first concerns historical and contemporary geographies of drink and temperance. I have published on nineteenth- and twentieth-century constructions of drink as a spatial problem, and on the parallels between historical and contemporary policy, popular and medical discussions of binge-drinking. Recently my interests have turned to temperance insurance, and through that to climate/weather insurance (writing with Sam Randalls). I was one of the organizers of 'Under Control?', the Alcohol and Drugs History Society Conference, in June 2013; a member of the ESRC's network on Intoxicants and Intoxication in Cultural and Historical Perspective; and a member of the Warwick Drinking Studies Network.

            I was a co-investigator on the ‘Insuring healthcare in a digital world’ project funded by a Wellcome Trust Seed Award within the Society And Ethics programme (£34,068, 2015-16), with Liz McFall (OU, PI), and CIs Shaun French (Nottingham) and Zsuzsanna Vargha (Leicester).

              The second area concerns literary geographies and representations of space, particularly in non-realist genres (science fiction, horror, ghost stories, utopias, etc). In 2002 I edited a collection on geographies of science fiction with Rob Kitchin and I have written about William Gibson, H. P. Lovecraft, Iain M. Banks, Kim Stanley Robinson, and other writers. I developed some of this work through visits to the University of Tokyo in 2005 and 2007 as a visiting researcher. The first trip was funded by a ¥12 million (~£61,000) grant from the Japanese Ministry of Education for a four-year project on ‘Utopia', working with Professors Tanji, Tanji, Yaguchi, Miyamoto Alvey, Tsuchida, and Hones at the Universities of Tokyo, Yokohama Kokuritsu and Hokkaido.

              I am a co-editor of the Journal of Victorian Culture; I helped edit Social History of Alcohol & Drugs for a while; and I'm a member of the Literary Geographies advisory board.

              I'm currently Dissertation Prize Coordinator for the Historical Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG. I was Secretary of the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group of the RGS-IBG from 2003-2006, and a Committee member from 1999-2003. I was also a Committee Member of the Royal Statistical Society's History of Statistics Study Group.

              I contributed written and verbal evidence on histories and geographies of drinking to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee in 2009. The Committee used a good deal of this material in its First Report, January 2010.

              Media: I've contributed to stories on drinking  on TV (BBC Breakfast News) and radio programmes ('In Our Time' and ‘The Long View’, Radio 4; ‘Night Waves’, Radio 3;  BBC local radio), and in print (the Times - £, Time Out, etc). Recently I was consulted by the Morning Advertiser about parallels between coronavirus and the 1918 Influenza pandemic in terms of their effect on UK pubs.

              In October 2017 I helped the Museum of London Archaeological Service work on two time capsules recovered after the demolition of the National Temperance Hospital, which resulted in an appearance alongside Dan Cruikshank on BBC1's Inside Out London, and which was reported in the Times. This followed my contribution to an earlier BBC News Magazine film on the Hospital.

              I have also established a relationship with food artists/architects Bompas & Parr, having helped provide material for their ‘Alcoholic Architecture’ (a walk-in gin & tonic) and ‘Architectural Punchbowl’ projects. Times Online interviewed me about the former when it launched in April 2009.

              Various publics have encountered my work in other ways. I've made three Bright Club appearances, including one at Kew Gardens, and one History Showoff, as well as a meeting of the Over-Analyser’s Book Club.

              I've given a UCL Lunchtime Lecture, ‘Those that don't drink, don't die so fast’ (27 Nov 2012),  on temperance and insurance, which can be seen here; been part of a day of public talks held to coincide with the British Library’s exhibition on science fiction, Out of This World; participated in a Café Culture discussion with author Toby Litt and others from UCL SELCS (2015); taken part in a panel quiz at the Grant Museum of Zoology (2014); given a public talk at the Petrie Museum (2014); helped a team from CASA create 'paintings with light' with a pixelstick at the Temperance Hospital, in Walthamstow, and in Somers Town (2016-18); and given a Supper Talk at the Chelsea Physic Garden.

              Finally, the collection Lost In Space is listed in the Science Fiction Studies journal’s Chronological Bibliography of Science Fiction Criticism, “critical materials on SF that the editors of SFS deem to be important, influential, or historically noteworthy”.



              UNDERGRADUATE MODULES 2021-22

            • GEOG0014 Geography in the Field 2
            • GEOG0150 Space and Society
            • GEOG0151 Thinking Geographically I
            • GEOG0029 Cultural And Historical Geography
            • GEOG0032 Human Geography Field Class
            • GEOG0059 Geography, Culture and Materiality


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                  • Thomas Kelly: ‘“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”: The Psychological Effects of Vertical Architectural Spaces in Utopian and Dystopian Science Fiction’ (f/t, English, KCL; Goodenough College Studentship). Starting 2018. Co-supervisor with Dr Jon Day, English, KCL.
                  • Lyu Guangzhao, ‘Postcolonialism in Contemporary Chinese and Anglo-American Science Fiction: a Comparative Study’ (f/t). First supervisor with Dr Xiaoning Lu, East Asian Languages & Cultures, SOAS.



                      • Joe Thorogood, 'Geopolitics, Assemblage and the War on Drugs: Changing Dynamics of Opioid Consumption', (f/t, ESRC 1+3 award), second supervisor with Dr Jason Dittmer, 2015-present.
                        • Ruth Mason, 'Methodism as Designed Space? (1851 - 1932)' (f/t, Wolfson Scholarship). 2013-present.
                          • Charlotte Jones, ‘A Social History of Turkish Baths in Victorian London’ (f/t, ESRC 1+3 award). Supervised jointly with Professor Richard Dennis, 2008-2017.