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Prof. Claire Dwyer

Claire Dwyer - Memorial Page

cdwyer.jpgDepartment of Geography,
University College London,
26 Bedford Way,

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 5526
Fax: +44 (0)20 7679 7565
Twitter: @cldwyer

Claire Dwyer grew up in Letchworth Garden City in Herfordshire. She graduated in geography from the University of Oxford in 1987. Having gained a PGCE from Nottingham University in 1988 she worked as a secondary school geography teacher for several years.

In 1991 she returned to academic study and gained a Masters Degree in Geography from the University of Syracuse (USA) and then moved to the department of Geography at University College London where she completed her PhD in 1997.  Claire has been on the teaching staff in the department of geography at UCL since 1995.

Claire has served on the editorial boards of South Asian Diaspora (2009-), Gender, Place and Culture (2001-12), Social and Cultural Geography (2002-8) and the Journal of Geography in Higher Education (2001-2006). She was a committee member of the Gender and Feminist Geography Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG) 1997-2011. She served on the Gender and Geography Steering Committee of the International Geographical Union (IGU) from 2009-2016.

She has been the Co-Director of the Migration Research Unit, Department of Geography, UCL since 2010.


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Journal articles

N. Ahmed, Dwyer, C. and D. Gilbert. (2019 in press) ‘Faith, planning and changing multiculturalism: constructing religious buildings in London’s suburbia.’ Ethnic and Racial Studies

D. Gilbert, Dwyer, C., Ahmed, N., Cuch, L. & Hyacinth, N. (2019) ‘The hidden geographies of religious creativity: place-making and material culture in West London faith communities’  Cultural Geographies 26 (1), pp.23-41

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Working/Discussion Paper

Dwyer, C., Tse, J., Ley, D. (2013). Immigrant integration and religious transnationalism: the case of the ‘Highway to Heaven’ in Richmond, BC.Vancouver: Metropolis British Columbia.


I am a social geographer with research interests in the intersections of migration and multiculturalism and geographies of religion and ethnicity.

Migration, Transnationalism and Religion

I am interested in the transnational geographies of faith communities. My current research Making Suburban Faith focuses on the design, material culture and popular creativity of transnational suburban faith communities in West London. Previous work has focused on the transnational suburban landscapes of religion in Vancouver and transnational commodity culture between Britain and South Asia.

Geographies of race, racism and ethnicity

My research in this area has been concentrated on Muslim identities in Britain and the challenges for debates about multiculturalism posed by the presence of Islamic minorities within Europe.  I have published on the debates surrounding the building of Muslim schools;  the identities of young Muslim men and women; representations of Islam in the public sphere. I am currently working with UCL colleagues to explore ongoing debates about religion, multiculturalism and the public sphere through the Negotiating Religion Series

Geographies of gender and feminist geography. My main research interests are in the intersection of gender, ethnicity and religion, particularly in relation to Islam and the ways in which migration processes are gendered.

I co-lead  the department's Culture and Migration Research Group and am Co-Director of  the Migration Research Unit.

Making Suburban Faith is a research project which involves collaboration with a range of different local and community groups. We have collaborated with Brentside School and architects Mangera Yvars on a student architecture project with exhibitions at Ealing Library, UCL and Somerset House. The project also involves collaboration with Gunnersbury Park Museum with contributions to their permanent collection and temporary exhibitions 'Fabric of Faith' (2018) and 'Faith in Suburbia: a photographic journey' (2013). The project has also provided advice to Ealing SACRE and the architecture project has been developed for student projects in Hong Kong and Barcelona.

The Migration Research Unit provides briefing and policy papers and organises an annual student conference as well as collaborating in organsining evens such as the Refugee in a Moving World Series.

MSc Global Migration: Course Convenor


  • GEOG 1006: Ideas in Geography (Course Convenor)
  • GEOG3048: Migration and Transnationalism (Co-Convenor)


  • GEOGG202: Issues in Global Migration (Course Convenor)
  • GEOGG201: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Migration ( Contributor)
  • GEOGG036: Migration and Urban Multicultures (Course Convenor)

Current PhD Students

  • Shayan Moftizadeh (2016, first supervisor) Exploring identities amongst second generation Kurdish diaspora in the UK
  • Katie Taylor-Heaps (2016, second supervisor) Violence and gendered national identity in Lebanon and Palestine
  • Suriyah Bi (2015, Second supervisor) 'Spousal migration and domestic violence'
  • Kat Eghdamian (2015, Second Supervisor) 'Representations and experiences of Syrian religious minority refugees in Turkey and Jordan
  • Laura Cuch (2015, First Supervisor) 'A visual exploration of religous and domestic material culture'
  • Sarah Kunz (2015, Second supervisor) 'The Expatriate: opening up a category'
  • Chia-Yuan Huang (2015, First Supervisor) Taiwanese highly skilled migration to Shanghai and Singapore
  • Alex Ma (2015, First Supervisor) 'Myanma labour migration to Singapore and Remittances'
  • Ruth Slatter (2013, Second supervisor) 'Methodism as designed space'
  • Caroline Ford (2013, First Supervisor) ‘Contested new religious spaces in Britain’
  • Kristin Hartmann (2013, Second Supervisor) ‘New Islamic architecture in Kosovo’