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Academic Staff

Name Title Research specialism
Pushpa Arabindoo
Associate Professor in Geography & Urban Design
Middle class activism; ecological citizenship, urbanisation of water and nature; urban transformations in India and South Asia via an infrastructural lens; urban energy/waste politics; subaltern dynamics around evictions and resettlement; creative and practice-led methodologies.
Jan Axmacher Professor of Biodiversity Conservation Biodiversity conservation; biogeography; ecosystem services; forest and agroecology; restoration ecology; invasive alien species; environmental governance.
Andrew Barry Professor of Human Geography Environmental Politics; Science and Technology Studies; Chemical Geography; Infrastructure; Vaccine Equity.
Helen Bennion Professor of Environmental Change Aquatic ecology and palaeoecology; freshwater biodiversity; environmental change in lakes; lake conservation and management.
Caroline Bressey Reader (Associate Professor) in Human Geography Historical and cultural geographies of the black presence in Britain (particularly London); race and anti-racism; contemporary identity.
Chris Brierley Professor in Climate Science Climate modelling; understanding future climates.
Helene Burningham Professor in Physical Geography Coastal systems; environmental change, behaviour and forcing; geospatial and near-sensing (e.g. UAS, dGPS) technologies.
Fabien Cante Lecturer (Teaching) in Urban and Development Geography Urban peace/conflict; street politics and multicultures in Côte d’Ivoire, France, United States; Southern (urban) theories; urban ethnography.
James Cheshire Professor of Geographic Information and Cartography Use of Big and Open datasets for the study of social science.
Rory Coulter Lecturer in Human Geography Housing; neighbourhoods; residential mobility and migration; life course analysis; analysis of survey and population microdata.
Ayona Datta Professor of Human Geography Postcolonial urbanism, smart cities and digital geographies, urban and regional futures, politics of urbanisation in the global south, digitalisation of planning and governance, subaltern citizenship, gender based violence, gender dynamics in slums and informal settlements, participatory/digital methodologies, India/South Asia, South Africa, Kenya, Mexico.
Mat Disney Professor of Remote Sensing Ecology of tropical forests; carbon cycling.
Jason Dittmer Professor of Human Geography, Head of Department Diplomacy, geopolitics, and popular culture.
Jacob Fairless Nicholson Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Human Geography Historical and cultural geography; non-formal education; race, racism and racialisation.
Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh Professor in Migration and Refugee Studies Gender, generation and religion in contexts of conflict-induced displacement; regional focus on the Middle East and North Africa.
Jon French Professor of Physical Geography Environmental system modelling, coastal geohazards and risk to infrastructure, climate change adaptation, resilience modelling, physical response of lakes to climate variability and change.
Muki Haklay Professor of Geographical Information Science Public access, use, and creation of Environmental Information; Societal aspects of geographical technologies; Participatory and crowdsourced mapping; Citizen Science.
Andrew Harris Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Human Geography Art, space and the city; vertical urbanism; culture-led regeneration; urban infrastructure especially around transport; gentrification; urban policy mobilities; contemporary London.
Russell Hitchings Reader (Associate Professor) in Human Geography Nature experience in everyday life; energy consumption and social practices, qualitative research methods.
Jonathan Holmes Professor of Physical Geography Reconstruction and understanding of late Pleistocene and Holocene environments, human–climate interactions and data–model comparisons.
Amy Horton Lecturer in Economic Geography Economic geographies of finance and debt, labour, and care work, particularly financing and employment in social care for older people in England.
Alan Ingram Associate Professor in Human Geography Geopolitics, events, public practices, politics of truth.
Tariq Jazeel Professor of Human Geography Postcolonial geography, popular culture including music, literature, art, architecture, spatial constitutions of nation, identity and belonging in South Asian contexts.
Jonny Jones Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Economic Geography
Peter Jones Professor of Environmental Governance Governing human uses of marine ecosystems; social-ecological systems analysis of marine conservation initiatives, particularly marine protected areas.
Vivienne Jones Professor of Physical Geography Multi-proxy palaeoecological techniques; recent environmental change; carbon accumulation and processing in lakes; conservation of lakes and wetlands; response of lake ecosystems to anthropogenic warming and longer-term change.
James Kneale Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Human Geography
Cultural and historical geography; drink and temperance; risk and insurance; literary geographies, media & popular culture.
Eszter Kovacs Lecturer in Environment, Politics and Society (Geo)politics, making and effects of environmental law and policy, particularly for conservation, water and farming within Europe and South Asia; rural development and the future of countrysides
Alan Latham Professor of Human Geography Mobility studies, social infrastructures, public space, transportation infrastructures, urban sociality, transnationalism, urban theory, popular practices of sport and fitness, qualitative methods.
Stephen Law Lecturer in Social Data Science
Philip Lewis Professor of Remote Sensing Remote sensing; vegetation modelling.
Simon Lewis Professor of Global Change Science Tropical forest ecology, deforestation and degradation; climate change; biodiversity conservation.
Paul Longley Professor of Geographic Information Science Socioeconomic applications of geographic information science and systems; geodemographics and quantitative analysis of neighbourhood change; social mobility; and research using consumer data.
Eloise Marais Associate Professor in Physical Geography Air pollution sources, fate and impact on air quality and human health, 3D atmospheric chemistry transport modelling, and remote sensing of atmospheric composition.
Mark Maslin Professor of Earth System Sciences Climate Change (science, politics, and solutions), Anthropocene, Past Climates, Climatology, Monitoring the Earth, Global Health, and early Human Evolution.
Helen Moggridge Associate Lecturer (Teaching) in Physical Geography Fluvial geomorphology; hydroecology; freshwater biodiversity; river assessment, management, and conservation; hydrological impacts of climate change; ecosystem services.
Anwar Musah Lecturer in Social and Geographic Data Science Infectious disease epidemiology, vector-borne infestation, disaster risk, hazards and vulnerability (e.g. residential fire-related hazards), geographies of health, model-based geostatistics, statistical methodologies.
Ben Page Associate Professor in Human Geography and African Studies Development geography with interests in migration, diasporas, remittances and cities; focus on Africa.
Samuel Randalls Reader (Associate Professor) in Human Geography Historical, contemporary and future relationships between environments, businesses/economics and science, with a particular focus on weather and climate (change).
Jennifer Robinson Professor of Human Geography Comparative urban methodologies; post-globalising urban theory; urban politics; governance of large scale urban developments; urban development politics in Johannesburg and London.
Neil Rose Professor of Environmental Pollution and Palaeolimnology Pollution records in natural archives; environmental contamination by fly-ash, trace metals and microplastics; Anthropocene; recent environmental change
Carl Sayer Professor of Limnology and Freshwater Ecology Aquatic ecology and palaeoecology (ponds, lakes, rivers); habitat conservation.
Jorge Salgado Lecturer in Environmental Change Tropical and temperate freshwater ecosystems
Amit Singh Associate Lecturer in Cultural Geography
Richard Taylor Professor of Hydrogeology Global change impacts on freshwater systems, nature-based adaptations to global change.
Tatiana Thieme Associate Professor in Human Geography Entrepreneurial and makeshift urbanism; youth geographies; informal economies, ‘hustle’ economies, urban political ecologies of waste, urban sanitation; repair and circular economies, humanitarian response to refugee ‘crisis’ in Europe; refugee integration in cities; migrant economies; politics.
Julian Thompson Professor of Physical Geography - Hydrology and Wetlands Hydrology, hydrological modelling, wetland hydroecology, hydrological impacts of climate change.
David Thornalley Professor of Ocean and Climate Science, Deputy Director of the London NERC DTP Understanding the role of ocean circulation (with a focus on the North Atlantic) in past and contemporary climate, reconstructing past and recent changes in marine ecosystems (with a focus on the North Atlantic).
Chronis Tzedakis Professor of Physical Geography Understanding the response of vegetation to variations in climate on orbital (105-104 year) and millennial/centennial (103-102 year) timescales. Recent research focuses on past interglacials, which are providing a basis for comparison with the present interglacial and its future evolution.
Justin van Dijk Lecturer in Social and Geographic Data Science Transport and mobility; accessibility; residential mobility and migration; quantitative analysis of big datasets; quantitative methods.
Ann Varley Professor of Human Geography Housing and urban informality; property, land and urban development in Latin America; gender and sexuality; public and private spaces; home; households and ageing; heritage.
Johanna Waters Professor of Human Geography International education, student mobilities and migration, transnational households, educational migrations in East Asian contexts.
Tom Western Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography Social movements, anticolonialisms, citizenships, sound and music, creative and collaborative methods.