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Art & War: Responses to Iraq

Alan Ingram’s British Academy Fellowship

Art & War: Responses to Iraq

Art & War: Responses to Iraq is a project being undertaken by Dr Alan Ingram during the academic year 2011-2012, supported by a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship. These Fellowships are the result of a new scheme to support outstanding researchers and the promotion of public understanding and engagement with the humanities and social sciences.


The project explores the responses of artists and art spaces in the UK to the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. It focuses on three inter-related sets of issues:


  • the ways in which artists responded to the invasion and occupation
  • how these responses intersected with the constitution of space
  • their implications for public engagement with questions of war and peace


Inspiration is drawn from a growing interdisciplinary interest in relationships between contemporary art practice, the construction and experience of geographical space, and questions of politics. This is concerned with how contemporary art practice challenges or upholds the geopolitical organization of the globe, asking in what ways does contemporary art practice provide opportunities to reflect upon issues of war and peace? How might it serve to bridge, dissolve or reinforce geopolitical divisions and tensions? What pointers might contemporary art practice suggest in efforts to create a more peaceful world and what might be the limits to such efforts?


Focusing initially on archival research and interviewing, the project aims to create platforms for broader discussions of art, war and peace.





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