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Patterns in the sand

Helene Burningham wins Research Images prize

Patterns in the sand

Dr Helene Burningham was awarded one of the top prizes in the recent annual UCL Research Images as Art competition/exhibition. In this, UCL graduate students and academic staff from all faculties are invited to submit images associated with their research to be judged on their aesthetic appeal. As usual, several hundred images were exhibited, with the prizes awarded by a panel chaired by Professor John Aiken, Director of the Slade School of Fine Art..

Helene’s entry included the image, Patterns in the sand 2, displaying micro-forms visible at low tide in the mouth of the Gweebarra estuary (Donegal, NW Ireland). The flow of water held in the higher intertidal flats had generated miniature drainage networks across the sand, whose microtopography had provided longitudinal constraints on network development to create a ‘geomorphology microcosm’.

Helene continues to be involved in a range of coastal and geomorphological research projects in NW Ireland.



Patterns in the sand 2

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