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Earth Observation Group at Avignon Conference

Presenting results of latest work on uses of remote sensing to monitor vegetation

Earth Observation Group at Avignon Conference

Three members of the UCL Geography Earth Observation Group attended the GV2M Conference in Avignon, France on 3rd-7th February to present the results of their latest work (see:

Dr. Jose Gomez-Dans described how he was combining data from multiple satellites with surface models to improve our ability to estimate land carbon fluxes. This is part of the EOLDAS project, funded by the European Space Agency to develop new tools and methods (, with colleagues at other institutions including the NERC National Centre for Earth Observation (

Dr. Emily Lines, who has also been working on the EOLDAS project, presented her work on how vegetation structure impacts on the models used to interpret satellite data, a key issue in improving how this is done.


Dr. Mat Disney gave a keynote address for Professor Philip Lewis, outlining how this sort of approach could be used more generally to make better use of data and models.

Mat also presented new work on measuring tropical forests using novel laser scanning techniques, with colleagues Simon Lewis and Andy Burt (see blog post:

The image shows a snow-free image of surface reflectance over the UK and W. Europe from January 2005, generated using a prototype optimal data / model fusion scheme developed by Professor Philip Lewis.


Surface reflectance over W. Europe, Jan. '05

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