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Award of first Claire Dwyer Prize

Gillian’s study of craft groups in Belfast

Award of first Claire Dwyer Prize

The first Claire Dwyer Prize for the best UCL 2020 undergraduate dissertation in Social and Cultural Geography has been awarded to Gillian Lee for her study, "Stitching together: a qualitative study of craft groups in Belfast."

Claire's own research involved participating in craft groups in West London, so it is highly appropriate that the first prize awarded in her memory pursues related interests and methods.

Gillian attended three women’s craft groups in Belfast on a weekly basis from May to September 2019. She set out to discover where and by whom these communities are formed and how different spaces shape different groups.

She argued that craft is a key part of Belfast's cultural landscape, being easily accessible and playing a significant role in creating new communities. Craft groups are united by generosity and giving help to others outside as well as within their immediate community. The women in Belfast also had profound ways of responding through craftivism to social justice and humanitarianism needs around the world.

For Gillian, “Even though I began my work as a researcher I truly felt like I was a part of this community by the end".

The assessors believe that Claire would have appreciated that sentiment.

Special thanks to Paul, Ben and Tom Farmer and to all those friends and colleagues who contributed to the fund in Claire’s memory.

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Claire Dwyer (Photo Credit: Liz Hingley)