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Wetland Research in the Falkland Islands

Monitoring changing climate

Wetland Research in the Falkland Islands

Professors Roger Flower and Julian Thompson (UCL Geography) are part of a consortium who have been awarded a Darwin Plus Project: “Falklands wetlands and aquatic habitats: baselines for monitoring future change”.

The project partners include the South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute, Falkland Islands Government and the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology. It is designed to develop an evidence base, applied across the Falklands to monitor and manage future changes, in particular those associated with a changing climate.

The work will include the collation of existing datasets, and intensive field assessments, for example of hydrology, water quality and aquatic invertebrates.

The data will be used to define a series of indicators of wetland conditions for future monitoring as part of a Wetlands Action Plan for the Falkland Islands.



Crooked inlet, West Falkland (Photograph: Dr Stefanie Carter, SAERI)

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