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Finalists reflect on their experience of UCL Geography

Valuing a supportive community in difficult times

Finalists reflect on their experience of UCL Geography

UCL Geography staff have been keeping in regular touch with their tutees in spite of the closure of the college during the Covid 19 emergency.

On 25th March, Dr Amy Horton held an online session with some of her final-year undergraduate group and invited them to share a highlight of their degree.

Some mentioned field trips, engaging with interesting ideas, and even the UCL Dance Society, but what really struck Amy was that student after student said that it was the kindness, fun and supportive community in the department.

Compared to what they had heard from other students, they thought UCL Geography was a really special place, particularly for its informal culture and friendliness. The responsiveness and organisation of the office support staff got a special shout-out!

The finalists appreciated how hard all UCL Geography staff have worked to look after them and let them know what's going on during both Covid 19 and the earlier national academic staff strike.


Where it began: Current finalists on their first year field class in Sitges, Spain

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