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Hands-on experience of Catalonia

Jason’s impressions of the First Year field class

Hands-on experience of Catalonia

Jason Wu writes:

This year’s UCL Geography first year field trip was set in the beautiful coastal town of Sitges, in Catalonia, Spain.

As a fresher who has just stumbled across the life of an undergraduate, it was quite a surprise to participate in a field trip this early in university. I can definitely feel the jealousy and envy coming from my friends from other universities and subjects!

Nevertheless, the field trip was an amazing experience and definitely taught me some of the skills and knowledge that lectures and seminars cannot offer.

The trip was divided into physical and human aspects. I was in a group of five students, and we learnt skills in how to analyze the physical and chemical characteristics of beaches and rivers with the aid of our professors at Sitges.

We were also enlightened about the context of the recent Catalonian Independence happenings. We even travelled to Barcelona to carry out walks with various local staff and professors to gain more insight into the context of these events.

It is amazing how we are able to get hands-on experience, alongside the subjects we learned. The field trip has allowed me to gain multiple perspectives, not just limited to the viewpoints offered by books and lectures.

The Catalonian field trip was truly fascinating and resourceful in the way that the trip was prepared. I also learnt a lot from the experience. We appreciated the efforts and contributions of the staff, including professors, who made this an extraordinary and definitely an unforgettable trip!


Catalonia Independence Protest in Barcelona

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